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Thus far

SO, I have adopted a much more standard routine, and heading some much needed advice taking it a little easier.

So far I have noticed..

Firmer erections, increased libido, more frequent erections, and my veins have begun to really bulge while jelqing.and it seems to feel a bit “heavier” and “meatier” at all times, and **looks** a little thicker, but I’m pretty sure it’s just from the veins..

I am assuming that I am doing it all correctly, as I am concentrating on girth alone.I forgone the stretching b/c I am 6.25 length (bone pressed) already and my short lady (she’s 5’2) can’t handle any more anyway.I can already hit her, jelqing alone I’m sure helps length anyway.I’m going to start doing slightly more intense workouts in the weeks to come.

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Hey Boudreaux,

Sounds like you are doing things right. All those indicators are positive ones.

Why stop the stretching though. I thought the same way you did till last Friday. One of the better gainers here told me that stretching isn’t just for gaining length necessarily. Stretching also helps loosen things up and makes your girth exercises that much more effective. He advised me to stretch for 5-10 minutes before every jelq session. I have done that for the past three days and I can already see a slight difference. I thought dry jelqing itself was working wonders. Now, with this approach, “Pudge”, feels better than ever. Don’t give up on stretching. You’ll just be making things tough on yourself. Just my .02.


Well, I will admit, I did ‘some’ stretching erlier in my routine, I guess I can incorporate some, but I really want to avoid gaining more length then girth ;shrugh:

Thanks Boudreaux.

I think that I was also overdoing it. I’ve gone a little easier the last couple of days and I’m starting to feel better as well. I also think that I was guilty of going too far on my jelq strokes. I wasn’t stopping until I got to the glans. I’m a bit on the short side and I wanted to jelq as much as I could. There seems to be a reason that we’re supposed to stop about 1 inch from the glans and the nerves appear to be the reason. It seems that if you go too far on your jelq strokes, you start to lose sensitivity and your erections suffer.

Anybody else made this same mistake?

Originally Posted by Boudreaux
Well, I will admit, I did ‘some’ stretching erlier in my routine, I guess I can incorporate some, but I really want to avoid gaining more length then girth ;shrugh:

Yes, incorporate some. You don’t have to do a stretch heavy routine, but I would do at least 10 minutes just to get things “loose”. It does make your girth routine more effective.

underaverage, I have never personally made that mistake, but you are correct. That is why you don’t want to jelq all the way through the glans. You can do nerver damage if you aren’t careful. A numb penis is not a happy penis. Good luck to you.



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