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Thunder's Place ad on TV

Thunder's Place ad on TV

Hey guys, this is my first post and I wanted it to be really informative about what I’ve been doing and how GREAT this site is, but it isn’t.

I was doing my PE the other day and the TV was on in the other room as back ground when I heard a commercial for Thunders Place. So of course I went to go see what the ad was .. It was a car commercial, the first thing the announcer had said was “14” longer”. That is what I thought was the Thunder’s Place ad! LOL, now why would I think of of PE when I heard a statement like that?

Anyway I’ve been using the Newbie process foe almost a month now. I’ll add more details later, but I’m so much happier with my hardon. Not much growth, but definitely some (only a month). But my friend is much fuller, he just seems more like the guy I remember growing up with. A real hand full, more of a cucumber than a pickle now.

Welcome to the forum. Stick with the Newbie routine and you wont be disappointed with the results.


You all are still missing the point... The story was great and all but should have ass (and) some anal in it.- RWG

Yeah, what 789 said.

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Congrats on the gains, GV: your PE journey is just beginning!


Takes awhile dude

I been at it for a while.

It do work.

Start: July 2001 BPEL = 5.5 EG = 5.25 Dec 2004 BPEL = 7.0 EG = 6.2

June 2005 BPEL = 7.25 EG = 6.25 Dec 2005 BPEL = 7.5 EG = 6.25

Its for the new RAV4 Toyota, I thought the same thing.

So, is Toyota sponsoring us now? Maybe we can get a new company car. The old Yugo hasn’t run the same ever since the spare caught on fire.

Originally Posted by Good Vibe
…first thing the announcer had said was “14” longer”. That is what I thought was the Thunder’s Place ad!

Prettty sure that was actually an ad for MoS…




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