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Thunder, any other good classic threads for newbies?

Thunder, any other good classic threads for newbies?

The DLD thread linked in the “how pornstars do it” is brilliant. Any other “must reads” for newbies?

Hey trigger,

There are probably a lot of them here. None come to mind at the moment though.

Usually the threads with the most “views” are pretty damn good. At the top of the page that lists the threads in an individual forum, click on the text that says “views” and it will sort the forum threads according to which thread has the most views, instead of by “last post”. To return to the normal view, click on the “last post” text.

This may uncover a few “must read” threads for you.

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Thanks, I browsed the polls forum after posting and found lots. Have to check out all the various forums, I usually avoid polls on most sites but you have plenty of good threads listed in there to vote for.

Never knew you could sort by “views”. Cheers

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