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Thrombosis Bio Oil

Thrombosis Bio Oil

Just wondering if anyone has successfully reversed a clot by using Bio Oil. I’ve read a few posts here and on other sites, but the threads seems to quickly spin out of control(gynecomastia, EVO is better.). I just bought a bottle of bio oil and am wondering if anyone has any success stories, recommendations on quantity and number of applications per well as any other advice.

Yes. I had a T-vein. Researched it & best advice I could find was Eroset’s EVO, but didn’t want to wait till I could get all ingredients rounded up. Bio Oil has similar ingredients so I tried that, along with heat & aspirin to thin blood. Seemed to clear up in about 5 days so I started to PE again and T-vein came back. Took 3 weeks off, used Bio Oil, asprin & heat daily and have had no further problems. Quantity - enough to really oil it up but also soak in with a good massage. 3-6 applications per day. Try to use heat wrap before applying oil. Suggest you read Eroset’s thread on EVO if you haven’t already.

Thanks orion - I had the EXACT same thing happen. Got a nasty clot, cleared it in a few days with aspirin, heat and rest and went right back to PE only to have another, larger clot re-appear. I’ve had this one now going on 4 weeks. Ill re-read erosets thread, hit up and bio oil and report back

After it cleared up the 2nd time I waited 2 more weeks, continuing the same treatment throughout. When I started to PE again I took it really easy the first week, especially on the stretches as I thought that was the cause. Have had no problems in the 2 months since then. I would recommend a good long warm up and a very light routine, increasing slowly and carefully. I now use Bio Oil for jelqing. My routine is basically the Newbie, and I am very careful of the force I use in the stretches.

Right up until the point of my injury (and 2 days after) I was really hitting it and FINALLY had 1/4” gain in bpfs and bpel. Real bummer. Since the time off I’ve gained some perspective and am going to slow it down a bit. Thanks for the input.

I guess I probably shouldn’t be updating both of my threads on this, but I just wanted to add here I think bio oil is helping. Things are much better although I do still have a rubber band vein, can still feel the main clot (although much much smaller now).

I use bio oil popular and cheap here but I do not think it aids thrombosis is a condition specific to veins

There seem to be lots of folks on here that would disagree. Bio Oil and EVO are very close in composition. EVO is highly recommended to help t-veins

Just to update. I finally just started back last week and the clot and rubber band vein are now gone! I think getting back to PE after a month rest and treatment got me over that final hump.

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