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Throbbing, bobbing: Has it stopped?


Throbbing, bobbing: Has it stopped?

Bobbing every Heartbeat: When teenage and a little later ,till possibly 22 or 23, I distinctly remember that with every heartbeat, while erect with average heart-rate, my dick would bob up and down perhaps 1/8th to 3/16th of an inch—less so at 22 than at 15. And now, not at all…as if, on a blood circulation, supply/demand graph, there is a “no-bob” line that has been crossed.

One question: Is this a health marker for some changing event we should be interested in and, in analysis, will it pertain to pre-PE and post PE hydraulics. I think maybe so. But, most certainly with aging and the natural degradation of the arteries with plaques, it is something to consider. And if keeping a healthy dick demands that you improve your cardio vascular profile so that the vascular system leading up to the penis is as healthy as that of your newly improved penis, what could be wrong with that? More gym work? Study nutrition and implement? If older, start a course of kelation? (As an aside, most Americans were saddened when the Army reported that almost half of applicants, after testing, had such wretched C/V systems that they needed to be sent to Pre-boot camp for physical/blood profile work before they could qualify for regular boot camp. They may have crossed the “no-bob” line at age 10. Sad.)

Another question: Can you really expect that the external, (outside your dick) C/V system suddenly supply blood to a penis that ,through PE, has had a volume increase of 40 per cent? And have you ever thought about the fact that after that 40 per cent, many say they cannot any longer attain more than a 70 to 80 per cent erection?

Third question: Is the veinous leakage question really just a a failure of adaption? That is, was the C/V network, though marginal, adequate to handle the erections of a small, pre PE dick but non-functional in a larger one?

Anyone like to join in on this one? Thanks in advance.


The “no-bob” situation may be PE related or it may be age related. Either way it’s likely inevitable and probably not preventable.

Erections occur because normally constricted arteries relax with chemical/neuro stimulation during arousal. Your normal blood pressure forces blood into the corpora cavernosa (CC) causing them to fill with blood and become rigid. In teenagers all the components are in new, top-condition working order. The bobbing is probably due to the constantly open arteries transmitting the pulse into the completely full CC.

PE expands the CC as well as the venous outflow channels. The blood pressure is still able to fill them completely and most guys doing PE don’t have trouble attaining full erections. Anecdotal evidence (from reading here) suggests that venous leak may be a negative side effect of PE exercises like the jelq. So even though a full erection can be accomplished perhaps there’s a slight but constant drainage of blood which prevents the CC from being at their absolute fullest and therefore unable to transmit the pulse from the open arteries.

I don’t think a lack of bobbing is a problem. And I’m not certain it can be prevented anyway. I doubt it’s due to serious cardiovascular changes such as plaque. You’d probably have other symptoms if it was.

Perhaps age reduces the chemical stimuli causing the arteries to relax and the arteries are not as open as they were in youth. So the open channel of communication for the pulse is reduced and thus the “no bob” situation. Chelation therapy is apparently approved for reducing heavy metals in the blood and nothing else. I don’t see how it would help in this situation.…s/ucm229358.htm

I would expect a penis enlarged by PE methods to still be capable of a full erection since it’s still going to depend on the blood pressure to fill the CC. However, as I said above, there may be increased venous outflow which could cause some reduction in the fullness and also contribute to the no-bob situation.

The cause of venous leakage is certainly up for debate. It probably does not occur in every guy who does PE exercises and may depend on the type of exercises or devices used for enlargement. I’d say if you’re capable of performing sexually and can maintain a “decent” erection then it’s prudent to continue your current PE exercise regime if you haven’t reached your goal.

Thanks, Westla, for coming aboard on this. Your remarks always have the weight of professional knowledge.


Yes I agree that the bobbing is the result of the force of the heartbeat being transmitted through wide open arteries and arterioles to fully rigid CCs. A less rigid erection, disease in the pelvic arteries or penile arteries, or a less forceful heartbeat could all reduce the effect.

Perhaps the force of the heartbeat is an issue. When I was 16 the thought that I was about to get laid or sucked off made my heart beat like a jackhammer. After it happened a few thousand times, I became more relaxed about it.

The question of providing enough blood to a large penis compared to a average or small penis is one that has been asked before. Here’s why I think that should be a non-issue.

What made me think about that was a recent thread in which the volume of a large penis was represented at under 500 cc: The rare 1% penis-what size?

Let’s say, for argument’s sake that the large penis was the result of a 50% increase in volume from PE. That would be a nice gain. That would put the original volume, by comparison, at about 335 cc, and the increase at 165 cc.

But wait - not all of that increase is from increase blood volume. At least some of it is from tissue. I have never heard of anyone with significant penis growth who did not get at least a little flaccid increase. So the actual increased blood needed for the larger erection seems likely to be less than 165 cc.

Now let’s compare that to the body’s total blood volume. A typical adult has a total blood volume of about 5 liters. That’s 5000 cc. 165 cc is about three percent of that, and as previously noted, the blood volume component of a 165 cc volumetric gain is going to be somewhat less than 165 cc.

It’s just my guess, but my guess is that a normal healthy cardiovascular system could easily support three percent more load. How many pounds of tissue does the cardiovascular system need to support in a weightlifter, or in someone who has put on pounds of weight? An additional 165 cc or so of volume does not seem significant in comparison.

For Lampwick, becoming hung like a donkey was the result of a total commitment.

Westla makes a good case, which could very well be the cause. I’ll chime in as well.

1. Cardiovascular conditioning could be a cause. As you stated above, your dick bobs with each beat of your heart when aroused. If your heart is in optimal health, it should be able to pump blood into the penis more easily. A clean diet and vigorous exercise are a must.

2. Could the bobbing be due to the penis not being fully engorged? I’ve noticed myself that when I’m around 90% erect, my dick bobs up and down about 1/8” to 3/16” like you mentioned. However, when I’m fully engorged, it barely moves at all. There’s still a noticeable pulse, but it doesn’t bob like it does when I’m at 90%.

3. Could your symptoms be psychological? Here is a link to a fantastic article that every man should read:…add-effect.html

Definitely poor blood flow could contribute to this but I think there are other factors. I sometimes get the throbbing and bobbing but not like when I was a teen. The difference then compared to now was that even the sight of a hot chick on TV would cause it and then I’d have to go whack off somewhere. Sometimes 5 times a day! Now I have no interest in whacking off 5 times a day. Even sex every day for a week, ejaculating each day, seems to eventually drain me.

So, I think that there is a chemical desire response between the brain and dick that causes those monster throbbing boners. After having sex thousands of times as an adult I think that you lose some of that “I’d even bang a hole in the wall” feeling that you had as an 18 year old. That’s why porn can burn you out and you have to keep things interesting with your SO.

Mine did when I was younger but probably not after age 22 or so.

Lampwick: You are right with the arithmetic of blood volume. The added need is certainly minuscule. But the main issue, as I quote you, is about the “normal, healthy cardiovascular system”. My Father, at age 57, had a super-ballooning aneurysm of the mesenteric artery, ( the large main artery serving the lower extremities). Years after his operation, he suppressed his male-pride and divulged to me that he could not, and had not, had sex with Mom for twelve years. Poor guy. But this would have meant that the right and left iliac arteries, that take off from the big one, were most certainly clogged as were the minor iliacs that serve the pubic area.

One minor point about blood volume: However small, the spleen has to make up the blood deficiency (in this case, 165 cc, according to Lampwick). You do your spleen a favor when you drink some water shortly before sex. Some of you will say this is silly, but also your prostate might give you some better jizz volume.

Originally Posted by trips
So, did or do most guys bob? I can’t ever recall my cock bobbing or weaving.

It only bobs and weaves when it is in a boxing match.

Seriously though, it can throb, which may look like bobbing, when at maximum erection level.

Hmmm. That probably explains it’s woefully short attempt at the welter weight title.

Thinking back to my late teens, early 20’s when I would achieve a level of rigidity that could effectively be used to drive nails, I don’t recall either visually seeing anything like this, or feeling anything like this either in the wee manny himself, or in my hand.

I definitely did. I am un-cut and I am wondering if un-cut guys, with known, increased sensitivity of glans and frenulum, tend to bob more with pulsing changes in pressure.

Originally Posted by trips

So, did or do most guys bob? I can’t ever recall my cock bobbing or weaving.

I can’t remember if it did when I was younger but on a few occasions it has in my adult life. On Cialis it does it almost every time.

I'm a big fan of 50 Cent, or as we call him in Zimbabwe, four hundred million dollars.

Originally Posted by trips
So, did or do most guys bob? I can’t ever recall my cock bobbing or weaving.

I still bob and I’ll be 42 this February. My doc has told me that my circulation was “out of this world”.

I attribute it to genetics and a program I do annually that involves whole lemons and garlic cloves.

I’ll post the recipe on the health forum if anyone cares to see it.

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