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Thoughts on these forums

Thoughts on these forums

It’s unfortunate that I didn’t find these forums sooner. I spent much time on another PE board. I wouldn’t say it was a waste of time, after all, I did have the good fortune of meeting wad, my PE idol, back when he went by another name. Those were good times. However, the wealth of information here and the seriously positive attitude that prevails on these forums makes for a much more pleasant experience, and have lured both me and wad over to this side. I consider myself a PE veteran, because I’ve been at it for over three years, but there’s always something to learn when I visit Thunder’s.

Getting on with it, there is a point to this post. To all those who aren’t sure about PE, or about Thunder’s Place, this is the quintessential place to learn about how to make your penis what you want it to be.

I guess that’s all I have to say right now. I don’t know if this post belongs elsewhere, but having only a few posts, I can only start a new thread in this newbie forum. I’m just feeling good, gaining, and enjoying the glory of another half inch.


Not in person, only on a different forum.


You’re right that all kinds of interesting stuff can be found here.

Pro: Nice people and attitudes and a tremendous amount of PE information.

Con: Since this place is primarily a forum, much of the info is spread out over many threads of varying ages.

For a good start check out the Useful Links link below, and read all the often-overlooked sticky threads in various forums. And, of course, use the search feature.


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