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Thoughts on caffeine

Thoughts on caffeine

Caffeine is a vasoconstrictor, which explains why sometimes after you drink a cup of coffee, your dick shrivels to a smaller size (at least this happens to me). This effect is temporary, but I was thinking that it might also impact one’s PE progress. I’ve decided that after doing PE (jelqing and stretching), I shall avoid caffeine for at least twelve hours or so. This should be no problem, as I usually do my PE in the evenings, when I don’t use any caffeine anyway. The bigger question is whether ANY caffeine consumption can be bad for PE progress. I’ve abstained for an entire week, and was thinking that perhaps it would be a good thing if I abstained for the duration of my PE program. On the other hand, caffeine makes me feel good and helps me concentrate in the mornings. How extreme do you guys think our avoidance of caffeine must be in order to eliminate the negative effect that it potentially has on our progress?

Search for caffeine and you’ll find some threads on that topic. In my opinion, it’s ok to drink coffee in reasonable amounts. I drink 1-2 cups in the morning and have no shriveling effect. You may want to switch to drinking loose leaf green tea - it’s delicious, good for your health and contains much less caffeine.

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