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Thoughts about shaving?

Thoughts about shaveing?

Last night i saved not everything tho.I shaved my balls and my shaft and trimed the other so it wasnt thick and i must say it feels much better and lets my man hood breath.One thing i dont like it was hard to do and also if u miss some spots where the hair is short it pokes u and iches and today the hair has grown some and iches =( What do u guys do .Do u use nair?I used a mach 3 but i also have a shick that has 4 blades but i didnt use it.

You don’t want to use Nair on your genital area, I’m pretty sure it tells you that on the warning label.

With me it was just a matter of getting used to shaving. I stopped noticing itchiness after a few weeks. Make sure everytning is warmed up down there so you can shave as close as possible. I shave every few days with the Mach 3.

Anyone out there know of a cream that can safely be used on the genital area?

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n2growing has given you a nice search report of previous shaving threads. You’ll learn a lot about different techniques. After you read some of them, and before you post again, please take a few minutes to read the Forum Guidelines about posting style.

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I started trimming my pubic hairs when I was about 18(35 years ago) after seeing girls stopping in the middle of blow jobs to pull pubic hairs out of their teeth. I shave every few days(balls and shaft) and keep the rest of the hairs trimmed very short. Never itches and I like the look. I definitely wouldn’t use a depilatory.

As a side note, I started seeing trimmed and shaved pussies in my mid 20s, thank goodness, some of those bushes were…well, real bushy. At first it was very erotic, I still remember my first shaved pussy. But as time has gone by, most pussy that I’ve come across(lol)is at least heavily trimmed, if not shaved. I’m was at the point where a big bush was a turnoff. My wife keeps herself nice and shaven and it’s a great turnon watching her swell up. When we first started up 2 years ago, hers was totally shaven, but she let me shave it several times and I left a slight wisp growing from the top of the labia. I guess she likes that as she hasn’t removed it

I currently trim mine, but thats because I’m in my Uni swimming club and wouldn’t like to be seen with shaved pubes in the changing room (locker room for the Americans here, except the changing room I use has no lockers!)
I wouldn’t mind showing off a smooth scrotum and penis in there, its just that I have a large “treasure trail”/triangle of pubic hair and hairy legs that I’d have to shave too. If I didn’t it would just look odd because I like to shave slightly above my penis too when I do, so there’d be a bald patch in the middle of my pubes! I prefer the smooth all over look if I’m going to shave it, its just too much to keep doing every week or so.

When I don’t swim lots, however, thats another story (because not just anyone is going to see it). So I do occassionaly shave down there, and I find it really easy to shave my scrotum. I just strech it out tight and shave away, hard as I want, no cuts. It might be the razors I use - either Mach 3 or Quatro (depending on which is cheapest, usually Mach3). However, my shaft is a different story. Because I’m circumcised, my pubic hair has crept up my shaft, going more than half way up it! So I have to shave all this and thats where I get the most cuts for some reason! I don’t know why. :confused:

Like larry I also like shaved pussies. For the hair in teeth reason, but I don’t like to ask for it to be shaved or to shave it in case I embarrase my girlfriend. Maybe I should more often, could be fun. I do like the feel of it in sex too, feels closer. :)

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