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Those who yet to see the secret garden

I didn’t lose my virginity until I was 18 (20 now). I’m asian and would never want to be anything else. A little taller perhaps, but that doesn’t bother me.

I’ve read an interesting article lately:

Like the article said, not the end of the world. Definitely work on yoru game. Confidence helped get me where I am. It’s been 1.5 years with my white (only mentioning since race seems to be an issue in this thread) girlfriend. My 5.25” BPEL x 4.3” has never been an issue. Definitely work on technique. Work on the romance and the foreplay.

Good luck and don’t obsess. I definitely agree with the article.

It’s too bad that so many people seem to think that being a virgin is a bad thing.

PE for length: so her heart stops when she sees it. PE for girth: to get her heart started again!

One need only leave the surface of the planet to realize we are all one people.

The book is better although the film isn’t too far an adaptation of the book.

- Lee Beast

Originally Posted by Damnwork
I think for most guys it is. It’s just not easy for guys like me.

In my case I don’t have a really small penis but I just don’t have confidence. All the girls I find attractive I think see me as disgusting. So I’m too much of a pussy to approach them or say anything.

And the only girls that talk to me or show interest I don’t find physically attractive in anyway or form.

But to put it simply I got no game and no confidence so my dick will continue to stay in my boxers where it belongs.

Being nearly 22 years old , a virgin , and never having a girlfriend or any form of physical contact with females I can relate to this. But unlike yourself I get no interest from females what so ever. I do not know if I am ugly or not but I am starting to believe I am. Either that or invisible. I have a good physique , Hollywood teeth , the hair , and the clothes coupled with perfect hygeine yet I have no confidence so , like you , my penis will continue to stay in my underwear indefinantly. Another problem I face is where I live but I cannot relocate due to monetary issues . There seems to be far too many males to female ratio , 50 elegable males for every 1 available female so the competition is fierce.

"Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you'll land among the stars."

Les Brown

Yeah until just recently I was crazy shy around girls, although it had nothing to do with my penis, I was still shy as hell, and would never make a move. Having a bigger dick wont solve all of your shyness issues, but it will probably help. Like it was mentioned before, be confident, and don’t worry about getting shut down, just try not to picture the worst case scenario everytime you want to hook up.

Im 19 years old and a virgin. The way I look at it is if I’m still going to be a virgin for one more year, than that’s one more year of PEing and doing someone with a bigger wang. If I do it in a couple of weeks, than that’s great to. It doesn’t really bother me as much. If it did bother me, than I probably could’ve had sex with one of the girls that was hitting on me, one of the girls that I was not physically attracted to. Honestly, I don’t think that after having sex I’ll be different in any way. I just keep trying to make myself and my life better. And if I’ll ever feel hopeless about this subject…………well there’s always those ugly ones, or a hoe :D

Are you sure you’re not a virgin simply because you used the line “Hey baby, I'd like to take a walk in your Secret Garden”?


If you havn’t already, type in “fast seduction” in google or even search it in thunders and read everything about it. Best stuff to develop “a game.”

I’ll state my various points.

-I think getting some snatch is the last thing a dude should worry about. There is plenty of time in life and you only need one cool chic.

-As far as getting that chic it isn’t as much as making it happen as it is not stopping it from happening. Chicks want someone to be into them, let there imaginations do the wandering and just relax yours.

-I’ll be Asian, those little Asian chics who are comfortable with Asian guys are petite, don’t age, and have the cutest little genitals imaginable.

Listen to me.

Can I get a word up!

Ok, here’s what I think (and what I think is always THE TRUTH about everything)

To all you guys who feel too shy to have sex because you feel that your penis is too small, you need to stop worrying about this. I know guys that are way smaller than I am and get much more girls than I do. Girls are not as much into the strictly physical aspect of sex as us guys are. If a girl likes you chances are she will like having sex with you no matter what size you are.

So why do I spend 1 hour on PE everyday? Because dick size is important to me!

Of all the girls I have been with, some called me huge, some called me tiny (go figure…) and that has never impacted on the pleasure they had. Then again, some were in love with me and some were just landing in my bed because of circumstances and that definitely impacted on the pleasure they had.

just my 2 cents…

Hahah great posts guys. Keep them coming..

I too feel that porn has played apart in our perspectiveness on our penis sizes.
If we hadn’t seen porn before, we would think that our penises are perfectly normal.
To me personally, I feel penis size is important and size does matters.

Starting Stats : BPEL, 5", EG, 4"

Goals : BPEL, 6", EG 5"

Im asian and I was a virgin untill early this year.. met a wonderful girl and fell in love.. then we did it. I was always worrying about how it would be, the first time and all. if the girl would laugh at my penis because its small and what not.. dudes! you have nothing to worry about! if the girl is really into you, size wont matter! im so happy I met this girl and that she was the one who took my virginity. im sure there are bitches out there that wouldnt think twice to make a sarcastic comment about your dick. so stay away from the obvious sluts whove had more than 20 dicks in her, theyre probably really superficial. oh yeah, Im short and around 6.2inches BPEL and 4,3inches girth.. so Im not a big guy in any way! all I want to say really with this post is; dont worry too much! just try and be more confident, I know its hard when youve never had any physical contact but just take it as it comes.. I wasnt even looking for anyone when I met my girlfriend, the universe is funny like that. you will meet the girl of your dreams when you least expect it, but you have to open your eyes and see it when that moment comes.

Originally Posted by dxshern

I too feel that porn has played apart in our perspectiveness on our penis sizes.

If we hadn’t seen porn before, we would think that our penises are perfectly normal.

:jelq: POLL - Porn & Your Desire to PE

Well, am Chinese living in Indonesia, and was in Singapore for 6 years, and I DID have the problem you are having, even my WIFE called me Mr. Oriental just because mine is smaller than the unit she had before, but now we have 3 children, and they (wife + 3 kids) are REALLY know what I mean.

She gets horny when she watches porn, but it’s me that get the fun with her, not the pornstars in the movie.

I believe most girls want just bit above average size, not LARGE size, but when love comes, it really doesn’t matter what size you have.

It’s not the size you have, but it’s the MOVE that counts.

Another technique that worked great for me is NOT JERKING OFF. It’s amazing what horniness will do to you. If you totally give up jerking off you will have no choice but talk to girls because of your immense horniness.


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