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This Works (Dynamic Stretching)

Originally Posted by PatientlyGrowin
I will keep recording some of the details of my penis after routines, but so far I don’t doughnut from this. I used to doughnut if I pumped to about 5Hg and sat there for 45 minutes. This would give me a doughnut if I didn’t take a break and jelq after 30 minutes or so. Sometimes I would get the spongy feeling from static pumping as well, this however hasn’t yielded those results yet. Give me a month to see what sorts of negative PIs can be produced ( for myself ) with this tactic, and then maybe 6 months to see if I get gains from it.

HomerJS said it too, once I hit a high pressure I just release the pump and start going up again. I enjoy slowly building to the higher pressure, so what I do is pump then hold that level of pressure for 5 seconds then pump again. Doing that feels really really good. It is way too early to tell if pumping slowly or quickly is the key to gains, for me it is just funner and feels better. Try whichever if you give this a shot.

Thanks, I’m looking forward to seeing how this works out for you.

I seem to recall that the original chartham method used a pump and release technique like this.

Nice idea. I see some of you saying you pack the tube? What does this mean? I have a really cheap pump from a novelty store. Is there one that could be recommended to me for this? Thanks

Hi I just tried your method of pumping, I pumped it up pretty quick and then let the pressure out kind of slow.

I did 5 min warm up, 10 min jelq, 10 min pump, 5 min jelq and then 10 min pump.

But I got “doughnuts” after the second pump session. I’m very new to pumping, do you think that’s why? Or do you think I pumped it to a too high pressure? (Don’t have a gauge so don’t know how high I went)

From Abbelito to Abbegrande

Start: BPEL 6.89, MEG 5.31

Now: BPEL 7.48, MEG 5.31

But here nobody told a important thing : the ” dinamic stretching ” or ” dinamic stress ” , if mechanical (extender) or expansive (pumping) can arrive in higher level, i mean as intensity and longer than the static .

With static pumping is possible perform sessions - 6/7 hg maximum for 30/40 minuts without big collateral effect , with dinamic pumping is possible 2 hours with maximum depression - 11/12 hg and less collateral effect .

Ofcourse , between static stress or dinamic stress , ” same intensity ” and same duration , the first is preferable , but the dynamic by the chance to see and do the pumping in a different way , with longer , more hours and depressions highest one thing that was unthinkable before with traditional pumping :) .

And ‘plausible to think that the session is ideal: dynamic , and static after first :) .

(sorry for my english :) )

Ho iniziato il 15-04-12 BPEL 15,5/15.8 EG 13.5 oggi ..... >-)

Se ciò ci rende felici perché non farlo :thumbs: . Dimmi da dove vieni e ti dirò chi sei ;) .

The Mr. Fantastic Pumping

Originally Posted by abbelito
Hi I just tried your method of pumping, I pumped it up pretty quick and then let the pressure out kind of slow.
I did 5 min warm up, 10 min jelq, 10 min pump, 5 min jelq and then 10 min pump.
But I got “doughnuts” after the second pump session. I’m very new to pumping, do you think that’s why? Or do you think I pumped it to a too high pressure? (Don’t have a gauge so don’t know how high I went)

I noticed no one got back to your question. If you run a search for “cylinder size” or helping with that, a thread should pop up containing information on where to buy good pumps and what you need for your curtain unit.
When starting pumping I honestly think you should avoid doing cycle pumping (Dynamic Pumping) for a few weeks. Just get your penis used to the pressure. I would just pump for 10 minutes at 5hg. If your pump does not have a gauge I strongly suggest you stepping up to the online ordering and getting one that does.

Yes I think the doughnuts came from either too long in the pump or too high of pressure, both of those questions are the result of inexperience with pumping. BE careful.

Also, when running searches on this forum make sure to select advanced search and start from that platform. Much better results!

It has been 10 days of doing this 2 on 1 off. I jelq lightly before entering the tube but mostly I jelq afterwards to encourage the plump to last around longer. Always enter as hard as possible. Rest at 5 HG for a few seconds ( usually enough for me to rinse oil off my hands ) then begin building up and cycling. ( For those keeping tabs on me, I only do the 5 second build up pumps as a warm up now, and only do about 5-10 of those then switch to quickly pumping up and quickly releasing pressure )

I have maintained a control of sticking to 15 minutes of pumping. This gets me to about 90 reps depending on how strong and fast my arm is able to pump.

My in tube penis size is reaching further into the deep end of the pump every 1st day of the routine but on the 2nd day I also have more girth afterwards.

My straight wall cylinder has a lip or flange at the bottom that sits on the fat pad, so when I measure currently I rest the ruler on the tube instead of starting bone pressed. I choose to measure this way because it is easier, as well as I am only measuring the penis that reaches into the tube so in theory into a vagina. In tube my penis has started reaching 6.5” this happens at about rep number 50 and continues to gradually reach further as I get to 90.

I have not noticed any severe red spotting as long as I properly heat before. I have felt some veins feel really full of blood afterwards and almost hard, I do firegoat rolls afterwards along with massage to remove these, not one has ever persisted past 10 minutes into the post pump. I have not felt any pain or numbness. From what I have noticed this has not affected my EQ.

The highest HG I have peaked at then released the pressure from is 15, I know to some this seems crazy but I haven’t felt any pain. It took me til this week to pump pressure up to 15, I think I gave my penis plenty of conditioning before attempting this level of pressure. The first few pumps I do only get to about 10, early in the routine 10 feels very tight on the penis. However after a few reps and allowing the penis to become accustomed to the pressure I could if I chose to sit at 10 with no pain and have it feel gooooood.

I now pack half of the tube from the base up to mid shaft. This is extremely encouraging!! I am hoping soon (a month or two) to post you guys a pic of me fully packing my tube. That is all I have for now, going to venture further into this routine and report back as always.

Thanks for the update.

Good read!

Current: 6/15/13, BPEL 5.25, EG 4.25 (mid), 4.5(base girth)

Start: 11/19/12, BPEL 5 EG 4

Interesting thread :-)

Starting size: 7.48" X 5.51" Currently: 10.1" X 6.4"

Heat is the key!

Patientlygrowin, my experience has been the same. I start with a jelq, enter the tube, then ‘warmup’ for about 5 minutes at 3hg. After that, I began pumping and releasing (100 reps). As the routine progresses, I am able to pump up to between 15-20hg without any pain, discoloration, edema, etc. I have surpassed my old static pressure mark by 3/4 of an inch doing this. EQ its not hindered on a 2 on 1 of schedule. I have not measured erect gains, but my flaccid stays much longer and thicker throughout the day…hopefully this translates to permanent gains.

My main issue with this is from my reading of various studies on connective tissue which suggest that higher force cyclic stretching ultimately results in much stronger tissue.
I can see how it might work in the short term but I can’t help feeling you might soon hit a brick wall like some of the heavy weight hangers have found.

There’s also the thought of damaging a major blood vessel with one of these pressure spikes.

For vacuum therapy for ED or for tissue expansion I’ve never seen a negative pressure above 5”hg recommended.

I’m not trying to rubbish the idea as it could be a breakthrough, just trying to keep the discussion balanced and point out some risks.

Fair enough, caprrnicus 1.

It has been 24 days now of doing this 2 on 1 off with weekends entirely off. Flaccid hang is continuing to stay longer/thicker/heavier post routine into the day. I can literally feel the girth difference between after pump erection and morning wood ( hope this translates to erect girth gains )

As the above post mentioned I continue to stick to 15 minutes with this form of pumping. Why do this? I wanted to test how long it will take for me to surpass my static pump length and how quickly I can do it. I now reach 6.5” inside the tube within the first 50 reps. It takes me less reps to reach the same length as previously before. Why is that the case? I have no clue other than perhaps I have gained length and it doesn’t require as many reps to match the same length or perhaps the tissues are more elastic now and react quicker. If the tissues are more elastic could this lead to what capernicus mentioned and I am strengthening my tissues? My internal debate is still out on this one.

I have noted and can confirm for my penis if I jump to quickly up to 15hgs I will get red spotting and I will get edema just below the coronal ridge. I have by experimenting with pressure steps ( going from 5 hg to 6 to 7 etc. ) That more reps ( hit 10hg release go back to 10 release go to 11 release, go to 11 release, go to 11 release etc. ) to each level of pressure after 10 will significantly reduce red spotting and eliminate all edema. If you try this form of pumping take your time! Do not go quickly!

For the most part I try to not touch 15 hgs anymore because of that reason. I don’t like edema and I don’t like red spotting, who knows when I may get lucky.

Also I can note that 6.5” appears to be the limit I can reach with 10hgs. Any pumps after that level of pressure are very insignificant in length stretching, still visible but not large distances. Easier way to say this I gain nearly an inch in length going from 5hg to 10hgs but after words I gain maybe a millimeter or two. Does this matter? Yes I think it highly suggests to us that higher levels of pressure are not the key to gains. I believe that veterans have said it before and should keep saying it, Increase the amount of time in the pump before you increase pressure.

Now for girth results. The amount of wall contact my penis has is incredible to me. I never thought that this would allow me to pack my tube this much quicker than static pumping. There are times when pumping that I am really surprised that my penis could get this fat. I still do not quite pack the entire tube but I am certain that with more time inside the tube ( longer than 15 minutes, perhaps even just static pumping ) I will pack this tube soon. Some downsides I have noted, Higher pressures after 12hgs seem to reduce the girth expansion, almost as if by increasing length of my penis the girth can’t keep up with the expansion. Sounds strange but it is something I haven noticed. I have a 1.5” circumference tube. Seeing as length is my primary goal ( I have two 9” tubes that I want to reach the end of before I switch to targeting just girth ) I am not entirely worried about this right now. Just something that needed to be mentioned.

I think that this type of pumping is a sure possibility for veterans or those who have seemed to hit a brick-wall in gains. I think cycle pumping is not for newbies or people who just picked up a pump. I would recommend all to listen to the advice of the vets. Static pumping at low vacuum is probably the surest way of keeping your penis safe and finding gains. I don’t know why or what but something about being in a pump for long periods of time just does the trick. I am going to continue with cycle pumping for another month to continue reporting here about things I find or better ways to tweak a routine ( not everyone has an hour to sit in a pump, I believe this form of pumping is your key )

Let me know what you guys think.

How about the edema?

Buena informacion gracias :D


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