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this weeks routine - jelq/pump

this weeks routine - jelq/pump

Wouldn’t mind getting some thoughts on the routine I’m planning this week.

I’ve been doing newbie jelq routine for about a month and a half with 225 jelqs and 2-3 seconds each - I do a quick kegel after every jelq for the first 200.

This week I would like to jelqing Monday/Wed/Friday and pumping on Tue/Thur. Perhaps three sets of 8-10 seconds at 5 hg.

Any thought on whether this would be an effective/safe routine? I would rest on the weekend.

I think it’s a lot for only a month a half but it depends on how your unit responds. Do the routine but pay attention to your PI’s and change/keep the routine based on that.
Another thing, you’re doing three sets of 8-10 seconds? don’t you mean minutes? If you meant seconds, why is that? it seams very little time to me, even if at 5 hg.

Good luck BB

01/03/2009- NBPEL:5.1; EG:4.6.

01/05/2010- NBPEL:6.1; EG:4.7.

Long Term Goal- NBPEL: 7.0; EG:5.5

oops - yeah, I meant 8-10 minutes.

So far my PI’s have been excellent - EQ is fantastic - best in probably 10 years.

Biggerbone, are you still gaining a good amount using your normal routine? A month and a half is not a long time to use the newbie routine, so I feel like you should squeeze out all you can from it before moving on to something harder.

If I’m substituting a jelq day for a pump day, is that a harder routine? The main reason I want to pump is because I want to target girth. I would say I’ve gained approx. 1/4 inch NBPEL since starting, but no girth gains.

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