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This Warning Scares Me

This Warning Scares Me

I read this in the tutorials:

Care should be taken to avoid damaging the dorsal nerve which runs along the top of the penis in the middle. There is a particularly sensitive nerve bundle in the top middle of the penis just below the glans and this should be avoided, either by terminating the stroke an inch before the glans or avoiding the area with a grip biased to sideways pressure. An overhand OK, locating the webbing between thumb and forefinger centrally is likely to be least likely to cause nerve damage and can fairly safely allow the stroke to be continued all the way to the glans.

Then after that I tried to jelq and couldn’t because I was too scared. How much risk is there really to damaging these nerves?

I think you are right on with the overhand grip. BTW, there is nothing wrong with a little fear when preforming PE, it will keep your butt out of the injury forum. IMO, you would almost have to go out of your way to damage it.

Don’t worry,just start it off easy,like the newbie manual says and everything will be ok.I’ve been into PE for some 2 years on and off now and I never damaged that nerve.

Some people get hurt whatever they do, cutting a cucumber, opening a can of paint or closing a drawer, while other almost never get hurt.
If you are in the former category you might go slow on the jelqing, if in the latter, just jelq on.


I hate the overhand grip though, I’ll take it easy, last thing I want to hurt is my penis. Thanks guys.

Just don’t press your thumb deeply and continually into the dorsal channel that marks the separation between the two cavernosal chambers. You will probably be able to feel this channel when you’re erect. That is where some bundles reside.



Or, use two hands and forget the base clamping. Thumbs on top, on each corpora cavernosum, first and middle fingers underneath. Squeeze the two fingers toward the thumb on each side and stroke towards the head. All the pressure is put on the CC, none on the area where the nerves are. 50%-70% erect, of course.

I don’t know the penis anatomy. Am I trying to avoid hurting the sides or the bottom?

If you are looking down at your penis (the dorsal side of it is what you see), the very center -middle- of your shaft contains some nerve bundles in a narrow channel which you may not see when you are flaccid but can see and feel when you are erect, probably.

Directly under this channel and on the far opposite side of your cock is your urethra. Difficult to damage that when jelking.

Suggestion: One-Up your fellow students by learning penile anatomy here. There is I think enough info stored in our archives to get you through a penile anatomy exam with flying colors.




Originally Posted by theone11
I don’t know the penis anatomy.

Originally Posted by theone11
I’m in school to be a doctor…

I’m rapidly losing faith in the medical community. :D

Cut him a break.

I didn’t know much about penile anatomy until I got ED, then got into PE. He might even turn into a super urologist sometime.



Originally Posted by xlmagnum

I’m rapidly losing faith in the medical community. :D

Could it be that he is at medical school to learn about it?

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