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This site is the best

This site is the best

I just wanted to jump in and say this is the greatest site Thunder and all the guys Iam throwin back a cold one in honor of you guys .
All the guys who have been insecure about size have a great outlet and support of others I wish I had found this site sooner .
I have only been PEing for about a week Iam a BIG guy 6`3 tall around 250 lbs no official measurements yet but around 5.75 NBPEL and 6 EG
Going to take measurements and enter in the data base my flacid hang is very small and have been insecre about this for a long time Iam 37
Girth has never been an issue for me once erect some ladies cannot believe it was the same cock if they see it flacid I usally do not let that happen .
Anyway Ill be going for lenght and just had to say again this is a great site you guys rock keep up the GREAT WORK .

Thanks John


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Welcome aboard. Yeah, it’s a pretty interesting place. Lots of useful stuff beyond PE. I’m still amazed at the difference bc/pc and breathing make on stamina … so don’t get so focused on PE that you miss all the other great info on here.

Welcome John. Good luck on your PE journey.

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Welcome and good luck with your gains!

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