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This seems to work.a ring

This seems to work.a ring

I put a ring around my cock and balls. It seems to give me the same effect as any jelq. I get a huge amount of blood trapped. It also seems to be causing it to grow. Why does no one seem to be talking about this. What is the difference between this and a jelq? This seems so much easier.

It’s called a cock ring and now that you know what it is called, you can do a search for it and find tons of info. This thread discusses all of the different kinds of cock rings available:

The Wonderful World of Cock Rings

I have read the section. I understand that it is called a cock The link you gave was very useful if I was wanting to purchase a new ring. My main point here, was what is the difference between engorging the cock with a jelq versus the ring.I seem to get just as much pressure in my cock either in short, why wouldn’t this work as well as a jelq?

Reasons are, while jelqing your using fresh oxygen rich blood, that promotes growth better. Another is, jelqing has a stretching like motion good for length gains.

Read more about jelqing and all of its benefits.

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I don’t see how you can be getting as much pressure with a cock ring as with jelqing - unless the cock ring is dangerously tight.

Also, the cock ring achieves its effect by constriction, whereas in jelqing there is fresh and unhindered blood flow.

The massaging effect of jelqing may also contribute to its effectiveness.

It sounds more to me like you’re talking about the effects of clamping.

If you want a real ring growth effect look into clamping.

Jelqing offers, fresh blood engorging penis, milking/stretching effect.

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