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This Routine Too Much

This Routine Too Much

Hey boyz,

This is my routine is it too much?

Warm up 5 min
After warm up 30sec helicopter
Manual stretch 10 min (directly,down,up,left,right) 1min
Wet jelq 20 min (2-3 second) +- 400x
Pc muscle 50x 5sec
Warm down 5 min

6 on 1 off


VigRX pills
1 Super B complex.
1 Multi Vitamin & Minerals.
1 60 mg Zinc.
2 500mg L-Arginine capsule.
2 500 mg L-Lysine

This is my 4th month and see no gain. I will chance my routine is that smart?



Warm Up 5 min
Power Stretch 10 min (directly,down,up,left,right) for 3-4 second 15x
Ultimate Jelq 10 min
V stretch 10 min
Jelq en hold 10 min
Warm down 5 min

5on 2off

VigRx pills


What is “ultimate jelq” and “jelq en hold”?

Welcome to the posting side of the forum :)

Ultimate jelq = Starting from the base of the penis, slowly pull (milk) towards the penis head. It should take 2-3 seconds to reach the glans.

Jelq and hold = jelq too the head 2-3 sec and hold for 10 sec

Try putting the stretching after the jelqing and increase your overall jelq time, throw in dry jelqs. Try that for some months.

Do Ulis, horses and clamping for girth. Add time in stretching (I suggest 3 minutes each direction) and also stretch downwards right and downwards left. The inverted v stretch would also be a nice addition to your routine.

Your routine isn’t to much, 3 months ago my routine was 1.5-2 hours and I gained quickly.

You’re taking too much vigrx pills.


Ok thnx all

How looks this

Warm Up 5 min
Power Stretch 10 min ( downwards right and downwards left )for 3-4 second 15x
Ultimate Jelq 10 min
V stretch 10 min
Dry jelq 10 min
Warm down 5 min

3on 1off


Less of the chat speak please, “thnx” is spelt “thanks”. Use the spell checker. Read the Forum Guidelines for more info about posting style here.

“Power Stretch” sounds like normal stretches to me. Have you seen our videos? Your description sounds like that.

“Ultimate Jelq” sounds like bog standard jelqing to me.

I think your routine is a bit weird. Wet jelq, then stretch then dry jelq? Why not just wet jelq and put the stretches ahead of that?

Also looking at your supplements:

These ones (at least) are a waste of money:

VigRX pills
1 60 mg Zinc.
2 500mg L-Arginine capsule.
2 500 mg L-Lysine

How bad is your diet?

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