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This might sound like a crazy idea, but let me pitch it anyway.

This might sound like a crazy idea, but let me pitch it anyway.

Was thinking of a stretching idea. Basically it would involve delivering a fluctuating tension within a given range of say 0 - 5 kg. So imagine sitting in a rocking chair with your dick attached to the underside of the desk in front of you with bungee cord. You would basically rock back and forth delivering the varying tension. I think it might be important that the tension dropped to zero with each cycle. An alternative to a rocking chair could be to use some sort of pendulum with a heavy weight attached, then attach the bungee to the weight. Perhaps better than rocking in a chair like some crazy guy.

What do you think of the idea of applying a fluctuating tension during a stretching session?

I know that stretching the hamstrings is easier using a gentle fluctuating tension rather than a static tension.

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I saw an article yesterday about static stretching vs dynamic stretching during PE. A guy contributed this to all his success. Using a pump that he had to pump evey second so it went down then back to a stretch again. I might try stretch release stretch release.

Stretching tendons and muscles before a workout should be in a dynamic way, because if they’re statically stretched they tend to contract afterwards. Corpora cavernusa, on the other hand, probably don’t respond in such a manner.

However, that difference doesn’t mean that your idea is bad. I recently read a post by a member that started gaining when he started pumping dynamically (if that means anything to you). He provided rationale behind the theory that applying dynamic force to the penis yields better results - according to him it was basically the best way to break down tissue. So yes, this could be a good idea, an idea that won’t make any difference or a bad idea. Who knows… :)

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Short-term goal: 5.5'' NBPEL, 4.5'' EG (overall), 3.5'' NBPFL --- Long term goal: 7.5'' NBPEL, 5.5'' EG (overall), 5'' NBPFL

Wish me luck! :)

I’ve been doing a lot of dynamic manual stretching, more than static, and can hit a higher maximum that way, and since the maximum is momentary then less likely to cause macro-tearing.

I did a half hour session just now rocking on my chair with the two back legs, with my dick attached to a sping balance held by a string under the desk. I varied from 0 to 5kg just as I said, using this vacuum attachment. It definitely feels like an A1 exercise.

maybe dynamically stretching collagen introduces some heat into it making it more elastic

It might be possible to construct some sort of electronic rig to provide the varying tension. This could be programmable, much like a treadmill is programmable. If the right program is used is might mean continual gains.

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