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This May Sound Like A Foolish Question

This May Sound Like A Foolish Question

Hello everyone

I have read the forums for the past few days. I am a little lost when it comes to LOT. Here is where I’m lost:

I don’t understand if stretching will work for me or not. I can feel a tugback at 12:00 until around 7:30- 8:00. The higher the number, the stronger the tugback. From 7:30 on down, I feel NO tugback whatsoever.

What should I do as far as stretching is concerned? What do my numbers show?

For the record, I never have PE’ed. I once thought of doing so, but brushed it off. My stats are 7” in length and 6” in girth erect. Around 4” in length and 4 inches in girth flaccid.

Any help is appreciated.

Time Will Tell

>I feel NO tugback whatsoever.<

When do you see tugback stopping?

Stretching will make a difference whatever your LOT. LOT might give you a rough guide as to a good starting direction.

If you figure out LOT send me a PM and fill me in!

For now just get going on the newbie routine and tugg your unit every which way.

Running a Massive Co-Front.

Thanks guys.

I feel loss of tugback at around 8:00-7:30. That’s going from 12 down to 6. If I start at 6 and go up, I feel nothing until I get to around 7:30-8:00.

I hope that info helps.

According to the LOT theory then you should stretch with upward angles to hit the tunica.

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>I feel loss of tugback at around 8:00-7:30.<

When do you see tugback stopping? That’s how to gauge your LOT, according to the theory.

As iamaru says, start with the newbie routine and don’t assume that a low LOT means low gains.

I will proceed with the newbie routine memento. Thank you.

And I now see the loss of tugback at around 9:00.

I hope this helps.

9:00 sounds good (according to the LOT theory).

Originally Posted by memento
9:00 sounds good (according to the LOT theory).

So I should stretch down? Or should I stretch straight out or up memento?

Assume you have lig gains to come, stretch below 9:00.

Ok, Thanks for all your help memento. I will implement.

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