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this may be a dumb question but some feedback would be appreciated!!

this may be a dumb question but some feedback would be appreciated!!

Hi Guys,

I was just wondering if taking a day off is really necessary…I know if you were to do PE 7 days a week (every day) with no break that could be too much for you. Let’s say for someone it wasn’t too much, like they didn’t feel tired or too sore to do it every day would that prevent you from gaining. Many have said you make your gains during rest, sort of like muscle building, when your muscles break down and heal they get larger over time…but what if the penis doesn’t work like that, what if you kept on PEing every day, then wouldn’t that mean that your penis wouldn’t actaully heal, but you’d be doing PE so much with no healing time that your penis would just become accustomed to strain that you’d be putting on it during a PE routine that it may be better? I know rest is always a good thing, but for some reason when I think of doing PE I think of doing it every day cause then your penis will get in the habit of having all that forced blood in there that the size may become permenent due to the consistent every day routine, like pissing or brushing your teeth. Any feedback would be great, thanks and good luck to everyone!

Hi Malice

this question has been discussed for several times and from the responses we got it seems that some people gain during rest periods and others report excellent gains without.
If your dick can handle more it makes it difficult to understand why rest days should be included into our routines.
Personally for me I take rest days only when seeing small ‘damages’ like changes in color, blisters etc.
You will have to decide on your own how much will be too much.
Taking it slow seems to be not wrong when going to archive gains long-term.



Hi Malice,

OK, some guys (like, um, well…me!) have gained on basically doing very little and having days off.

On the other hand, some guys have gained unbelievably well on doing a lot and having no rest days (Horsehung comes to mind).

This is the problem with PE. Everyone is SO different that it is very hard to say. Generally, I believe you need to do what is required to gain and no more.

So, If you can PE everyday without being too sore, then why not try it and see what happens. But remember, over training is far worse than under training.

Eventually you are going to need some rest. If you aren’t reaching fatigue then you aren’t PE’ing hard enough in my opinion. However, I do believe you can do mild PE on your rest days such as fowfers and traction wraps. I have a theory that keeping your penis stretched for as much of the day as possible is the best route to take. But as far as hard core, soreness inducing PE goes, you should eventually need a rest from it.

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Horsehung here. I never felt that tired, nor did I experience any bruises, spots, etc., so I went at it, slowly, carefully at first, but after a week or two built up to 60 to 90 minutes a day, sometimes longer, for the rest of my first four months p-e-ing. I rarely took a day off, and gained almost three inches BPEL. So you see we’re all different and respond differently. But don’t injure yourself needlessly, especially at the start. You’ll soon find out if spending this much time on a daily basis is right for you.

Good luck. Welcome to Thunder’s Place. There is so much to learn here—besides the finer points of p-e-ing.


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I still get red spots atleast once a week doing girth. It’s the black spots that don’t go away for like two weeks that suck.

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