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This isn't a serious injury is it

This isn't a serious injury is it

Ok I’ve been PEing for about three months doing the newbie routine. I recently stepped it up a little and added in some uli’s and a little more jelq time. I never got any form of discoloration until now. I have one single dot on my penis head that’s been there for about 24 hours. It’s purple and about the size of a dot you’d make with a washable marker or something. I noticed it after a few uli’s during my routine yesterday and I stopped. There was no pain anywhere or anything but I’m a little freaked.

Should I take some time off until it goes away? Will it still go away if I continue to PE? It’s not permanant is it?

I doubt it’s permanent but I’ll let the more experienced folks take a jab at this one.

Red dots are normal, purple are probably just bruises. I wouldn’t stop jelqing, but hold off on the other routines till it fades.

Then try reintroducing them SLOWLY.

Don’t worry so much, I really doubt you did anything permanent.

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No worries from my side either - I myself have had these bruises twice. First time a thumbnail-sized spot on the upper shaft, the second time several spots all over the shaft. As for the spot being on your head: well, sometimes they appear on the shaft, sometimes on the head, depending on what exercises you’re doing. From what you say, it’s just a small one.

But do not forget that we aren’t medical professionals here so my guess is the best thing you can do is to stand down from PE until it’s completely gone. I for my part was always successfull in accelerating the healing process by applying a hot washcloth and some icepack afterwards (don’t cook your unit, don’t freeze it either; common sense will work wonders here).

I know it sucks having to interrupt your regimen, with being totally motivated and all, but in the end the break will pay off!

Hope this helps you a bit? You come see my film! It is nice! I like! Yagshemash!

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