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This is why you should CHANGE now the side of your stretch.

This is why you should CHANGE now the side of your stretch.

I look down at my penis and realized it is rotated to the left, this rotation starts at the base. After I have made some searches about this subject I came with the conclusion that what causes the rotation are the ligaments of the penis.
As I am a person that learns faster through observation I went to google images, but the pictures there are not PE bias with the cut of only the penis and it’s ligaments, then I so allied to that reading more about the tissue, tendons and ligaments and it cleared some initial questions I had that were sufficient for me to come with an Old Knowledge of PE that is underrated, and the majority of users take it for granted. At least with this thread I look forward to a lucid explanation.

1-How to know that your penis has a rotation?
Look down at it erected (no kegel) so you can observe the true shape and direction of your erected penis.
2- Yep I have a rotation, should I be worried? Why it happens?
You should not, it is completely normal. It is caused by the ligaments of the penis [View image 3]. You can clearly see the front cut image of the penis and it’s ligaments [image 1], being the most famous and commented: the suspensory ligament, and also important adjacent ones that I call left and right ligaments. For a rotation to occur there must be unbalance of the forces within the adjacents (or lateral if you prefer) ligaments, causing as aftermath one adjacent ligament side to be longer, weaker and looser, in an erection this side will be lower; and the other side will be tigther, stronger and smaller, in an erection as this ligaments side are tighter this will be in a higher position than the other. [view image 2] [view image 3]
3- Is this strong and tighter ligament side preventing my gains?
Depend. If you are seeking length gains through stretch then yes it may be, because you have one side that is smaller, thus have a small limit of stretch length, this one side being an impediment to the possible maximum stretch of the other side (that has a bigger limit of stretch), leading to you stretch not as much as you could do because one side is the limiter, leading less gains in a certain amount of time [view image 2 and 3 again]
4- What can I do to overcome this?
That is easy Old Knowledge: stretch to different sides when you start PE, or if you already has this strong stiff side you isolate the stretch to the opposite angle of it in order to have the best possible quality of stretch this adjacent ligament. Prefer to prioritize at least 70% of your PE time to this particular stiff area.
5- What are/would be the signs that is this working?
Decrease in the rotation of the penis, balance in overall forces of the ligaments of the penis, ligament gains (inner penis coming out of the pubic bone)[view image 1]

Image 1= front and side view of the penis and it’s ligaments. The front view you can see the suspensory ligament in the middle and the adjacent ones at the sides being covered by a layer of tissue. The side view you can see the ligaments are among the penis and the pubic bone. I drew a line on the pubic bone to evidence what is over the pubic bone (BPEL) and the inner penis (possible gains through stretches[ligament gains]).
image 2= a front cut view of the penis and it’s ligaments, now in how I imagined would ligament cause the rotation in comparison of a balanced and unbalanced penis’s ligaments.
image 3= just a top view of what would be the rotation and poorly drawn (because can’t see the lower side when you have a top view) left-hand rotation and presupposed to be the ligaments place and it’s configuration.

I had trouble thinking about a title, if any of you have a better one please say or change it (because I do not know if I can).

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My progress, thoughts and pictures

That is a good post. I have curvature not a rotation so I never gave it much thought but it makes sense. Our penises aren’t twisted anatomically so it would make sense that the attachment ligaments are to blame.

Hopefully those with penile rotation take a look at your view here. It may help them.

Now: 9.13" BPEL x 6.375" MSEG as of 5/10/2019 This is my story, a few progress pics of me here, and all my methods.

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