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This is what I need

This is what I need

Okay currently I am 6”x5” erected and want to be 7”X6”.What is the best possible way to do this?Also I am a teen.Um I also have another question. Does race have anything to do with penis size? U know the whole white=medium asian=small and black=big?

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There have been several discussions about race and penis size. Here’a a good link for that:

Penis size in RELATION to Body size:


I hope you are at least 18.

I think that blacks do have an advantage in flaccid length (most of them are showers, not growers). However the question of whether there is a significant difference in the erect state remains unanswered in a definitive way. Most seem to think that erect length of blacks and whites are roughly the same some have quoted black women who stated that the black is bigger myth is propagated by racists, white masochists, and black men who want white women to believe that they are bigger.

Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!

The famous Alfred Kinsey penis size study actually showed that white men were, on average, larger than black men when erect. But luvdadus is right, the study also showed that black men have a larger flaccid size than white men. If you want to read more about this just search for “Kinsey size study” on basically any search engine.


Started 5.75 x 4.75 Goal: 7 x 6! <-- Started with a piglet, want a HOG



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