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This is my schedule - I need a routine to help me

This is my schedule - I need a routine to help me

I don’t know how you guys put up measurements. Basically I used to jelq as an on/off method, got some kind of temporary results, but that’s it.

I work 730-430. Have to study at least 4 hours a day. So this basically gives me about 3 hours a day free time, not including eating/cooking. I’m going to be late to work for typing this post out but w/e.

Anyway all I know is I’m 6.8-7” long when fully hard, and I haven’t measured thickness, just knowing that it is about the circumference of my hand grip.

Based on the hours I’ve given you, I need a reasonable routine that might help me see some gains, or at least some ideas. If anyone can give me something to work with, that would be awesome.

Just a few random Q’s:
1) I know the effects aren’t permanent, but do I need to do the same routine for the rest of my life to keep my gains up?
2) Can anyone link me to a straight up definition or summed definition of kegel exercises? The one I saw was long and I didn’t have time to read it.
3) Is there any method to log gains? Like how long before you start logging or do you just diy whenever you want?

Thanks and be merry.

Start out with the Newbie Routine.

And use the search engine. :)

Good luck!

First of all welcome. An example of a kegel is when you are taking a piss and you restrain your PC muscle so as to stop the urine flow. That is a kegel. So just practice even though you are not pissing regularly- but not too much. If you want to maintain you gains you should give your penis a tug once in a while. I usually gain every month. This is what most guys do, I think.

You can do BTC’s while studying, so make good use of the time you have to PE!

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