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This is my routine.What can I do to improve it and make it shorter

This is my routine.What can I do to improve it and make it shorter

So I downloaded an ebook with the routine. In total the workout consist of 1 hour which for me is too long and repetitive.

So here it is;

1) Hot tower warm-up. (5 mins)

2) Stretching Exercise. Stretch penis up, down, left, right and forward 5 minutes each and a final stretch for one more minute. Between stretches twirl penis for 30 seconds.

3) Wet Jelq.
200-300 strokes/day at first week (10 mins)
300-500 strokes/day at second week (15 mins)
500+ strokes/day (20 minutes)

4) PC exercise.

This is just a newbie routine which I will try for 2 months. By then I should have read a good deal information and maybe do something different.
But I wish to reduce the time and increase the intensity of this workout preferably to 40 minutes, I am a very busy person.

I also want an exercise that will increase girth size, what do you recommend?
Also will jelqing help increase my flaccid length?

Also an offtopic question but how do I become a regular member?

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It could be improved by a replacement, thundersplace newbie routine. This one is to intense for a first routine.

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