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Originally Posted by wcraig
Does anyone have a copy of that Dr. Brian Richards study? If you do please post it for all of us.

Good question. I can’t remember where I read it, but I wrote the name down on my old PE routine paper. I still have it in my bathroom from over a year ago. I’ll look around some tomorrow to see if I can find anything else about the guy. Most likely, someone else will beat me to it.

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It is from a book called THE PENIS (Valentine Products, New York, 1977).

Brian Richards was (is ?) a British researcher (MD), who apparently did not have the bondage of the “establishment” holding him back from working toward discovering what has been long known, but little told - that one CAN increase the size of the dick through exercise.

His BIBLIOGRAHY is excellent and very thorough, and throughout the text, he cites many studies and other literature on the same subject.

I got this book with a pump, over 20 years ago (tossed the pump long ago -kept the book because I am a BIBLIOPHILE … dam …), and read it carefully from cover to cover. I was very impressed with the writing and the study, and came to believe that there was a lot of truth in it.

I used the pump for a while, but because in those days I was preoccupied with getting loaded or drunk, and had a wife who did not seem to mind a small package (I was her first), and was in a mobility unit in the Air Force as well as being in college, well … the pump thing never got used.

As I remember it, the thing was about 12” long, with a nearly 3” across barrel (remember, it has been some time & I am mostly brain-dead). I remember that I could get a really good pump, and even seemed to stay pumped a bit afterward. DAM!!! I can only imagine what size my wang would be now (if it didn’t turn into a misshapen disaster because of misuse
or overuse) if I had stuck with it then.

The book has 4 sections, and 16 chapters, logically sequenced and presenting a wonderful discussion. He does not go for hype and hoopla, but lays out fact and myth side by side. He is detailed with his Anatomy & Physiology discussion, and gets into some Psychology as well.

He does not exclude the ladies from the equation, and reminds the reader that her clitoris has some penis-like tendancies, and a very similar anatomy in many ways.

In 144 pages, Dr. Richards presents a compelling argument for penis enlargement, with both manual and pumping technique. He does not address hanging [as I recall], (probably) because there was no discussion of it at the time. I am sure, however, that given the success it has displayed - at least here and other “decent” boards - he would probably champion it as well.

You bretheren in the UK might have better access to his work, and I am pretty sure that the book itself is out of print. There is no Library of Congress or ISBN certification, and I don’t believe that the “publisher” is actually a book concern.

I will make it available to be copied (someone with PDF smarts could post it here) if someone wants to do the leg work and find out if it is still under copyright. I would hate to have it posted here, and have THUNDER get sued for infringement.

Anyway, I am rereading it (just found it again while digging thru books to be dumped), and it is as informative now as then. He cites, as a course (the CHARTHAM COURSE):
(1) EXERCISES - kegels mostly, with concentration on lower abs and gluteal work as well;
(2) HOT COMPRESSES - and we all know the wisdom of that: with moist packs or rice-socks (or IR lamps);
(3) MASSAGE - correspondent to JELKING and other physical manipulation, and
(4) the “DEVELOPER” - (pump) to increase size by reduction of air pressure around the shaft.

I may have to look more carefully at this “course,” and incorporate it - or use it exclusively.

If you can find the book, it is worth the read. Post me about the copyright matter … if it is open to “copy” …

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I do feel sorry for the lone gunman who was out to shoot all the lying PE loving SOB black hat wearing cowboys at Thunders. In all reality he either just couldn’t believe that something could be done, or just couldn’t care enough to get motivated. I was thinking about the fact that this stuff is hard work, (all puns aside.) As many have pointed out, PE can be a big part of their lives.
Just take body building, everyone accepts that can work on some level, but that does not mean even more than 1/20 or less is actually ever going to try. Probably the same with PE, he was probably hoping that there was the miracle 5 minutes to an 8 inch dick in 2 weeks. Unfortunately a lot of people just do not understand that PE does work but in some cases it takes years and years before you finally get what you want, speaking from personal experience.
I think it is easier for a lot of people to think it doesn’t work because they do not want to put the effort in to do it and because it is such a personal thing they may be defensive around people who do it. I for one can admit I feel bad about myself when I see some really muscular physiqued guy walking around getting all the stares from the women. Just imagine if they were staring at his member too. Not only would that make me feel bad about not exercising but angry that anyone could really do that. Maybe chalk it up to better genetics or just “luck.”
To take it one step further, even if PE does become big people will only do as much as is easy. Maybe there is a point of diminishing returns for most people, where the effort to them does not equal the results. In terms of a body builder example, if you are trying to get cut but really love pizza then you are going to have to sacrifice that food. Not everyone can do that, just like PE. Some people are not willing to hang weights off their penis for months and months just for a quarter of an inch on a part of their body that they may not like anyway.
I think the big gainers at Thunders are the ones that don’t take no for an answer, or as some may jest, still do not know what OCD stands for. To be honest I can only be shocked at how much effort and dedication that I have put into PE. It is sort of an inspiration to say look what I did, a monument to the human spirit. You can do what you put your mind to, and if you can do it for PE then why not other things in life.
Instead of using PE as a crutch, I think PE can be used as a good springboard for improving others things in our lives, as many have pointed out. Some people may just not want to believe that things can be better even if they do take work, just like everything in life.
Not trying to preach to the choir here, I just felt like some of these lurker/disbelievers may have something else that is wrong and I encourage everyone to try to have a better image of themselves and what they can accomplish here. Thunders is a great place, and with more than enough support for everyone to be involved and to make an impact for others and themselves.

Well that is enough outta me, hope that some of those people who are willing to give up do give it a chance despite what base says. :) I am always willing to talk with anyone who needs it, (not claiming to be anything more than someone who can understand when things get rough,) but sometimes an understanding ear is good to have.

Peace to all Thunders.


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A beautiful speach Tom. Really. :up: :)

Btw… Bodybuilding is way easier and faster than PE. Get to it, damnit! :D

At one point, very early in my PE career, I felt like everything I had done was just a temporary swelling, and that after a couple of days without PEing I was exactly the same size as before I started. But I had read about cenenting gains and I had a great desire to at least stay above 6 inches, so I decided to at least give PE a few months to cement what gains I had made. I have gained more since then, and even if I have to do a maintenance routine for the rest of my life, I have a bigger dick.


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Next stop 7.0 BPEL !

Thanks for the great information wan2bbig. I did some looking around and came across this site (…rds%20books.htm ) that mentions a second edition of this book. There is a link near the bottom of the page that says to order any of the books (there are a list of books written by Brian Richards, The Penis is near the bottom of the list) that you may click the link. I clicked the link, however, and nothing happened.

"Only enemies speak the truth; friends and lovers lie endlessly, caught in the web of duty". -Roland, in Stephen King's The Last Gunslinger

Big TK is my hero and has broken PE’s hold upon my life. I see the light and know the TRUTH. The seclusion of my bathroom no longer rules my every waking moment. I can now go forth and …….

What am I going to do now? Hmmmm, damn, seems like I had a life once before. At least now I have a really strong grip. :)

I'm hung like Einstein and smart as a horse.

Originally Posted by wan2Bbig
It is from a book called THE PENIS (Valentine Products, New York, 1977).

I start my second week of doing PE tomorrow, I’m a newbie, so I will not be posting to this forum often. Though I will be lurking/reading here a good deal.

I thought I would post while I had the opportunity. I did a search at Barnes & Noble and found the 1st edition of the Brian Richards’ book “The Penis” listed twice. Maybe the link that I am posting below will function for a while. I myself cannot afford the $21.00 asking price:

“The Penis” by Brian Richards

Hi all

certainly enjoying the comments, in the interests of PE and health of our organs excercise can only be healthy regardless of the outcome,,,,,, not so sure about hanging weights - that seems to be a little dangerous to me?


When I first came to Thunder’s I felt the same way. Some of the pictures are terrifying! However, I am now starting to hang, I’ve read a lot on it and I feel that it is actually as safe as manual work if you are smart about it.

It is only dangerous if you overdo things. As long as you take things slowly, read up thoroughly and use an appropriate hanging device it is pretty safe. If you look at the Hangers Forum, you will find loads of people do it regularly and there are very few reports of injuries. Where there have been injuries, these tend to have been through overzealous increases in weight or poor equipment, such as loop hangers.

Many people never hang and still make good gains, but a lot of people start with manual exercises then move on to hanging for some big gains. That’s my plan.


What guy in his right mind doesn’t initially cringe at the thought of hanging weights from his dick? I did. Hell, that’s nuts. I’d never do such a thing.

(Typed as I’m hanging 15 lbs. over my shoulder.)

Dr. Robert Chartham, of the U.K., also did a scientific study years ago in which “gains” were proven. Chartham lost the lawsuit filed against him, however, because he had insufficient follow-up to prove that the gains were permanent (without having to continue PE). Some of the test subjects had, in fact, made impressive gains in the 6 months or so that the study ran.

Chartham’s method did employ manual PE, pumping & hanging - so, a full menu. I’ve posted this link before, as did Thunder. It has to be at Thunder’s (should’ve looked for it myself). Oh well. There’s nothing in the study that really touches upon methodology, just describes the lawsuit, findings, etc.


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