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This is Embaressing

This is Embaressing

Hey guys, I wanted to share this problem and see if anyone had experienced something similar, and if they did how did they overcome it.

Me and my girlfriend went to have sex the other night ( we were both virgins ) anyway cutting a long story short, I just couldn’t stay hard enough to penetrate, when I did eventually get in, it was hurting her too much. She didn’t look like she was enjoying it, and I was keeping her waiting alot trying to get my erection back up. I have been doing PE exercises of and off, just started doing them again (once or twice a week) and kegels just to improve my erection quality really.

Do you guys have any tips on how to increase erection quaility. What is the best position as I seem to loose my erection when I can’t stretch my legs right out, if you get me?

She says she still loves me but obviously I want to get this sorted for my own peace of mind


You were loosing your virginity to a virgin and couldn’t get it up?

You don’t need any erection help. What you are experiencing is the same thing anyone who has been in that position (including me). Your dick isn’t the problem, it’s your anxious mind that is. Trust me, soon enough you will both be laughing at this.

Don’t beat your self up about it. What you are experiencing is the most basic cliche in human sexual history. Relax.

Wishing and hoping for the best - yup your doing it wrong.

You got off to a bumpy start but your unit is fine xickeral15. Nothing to feel embarrassed about.

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Similar thing happened to me the first time, couldn’t find the right way to get it in. We were trying it on the couch and eventually moved to the bathroom floor and finally got it in. Sometimes you just need to figure it out by doing. Watching porn gives you an idea, but you never really know until you do it.

No worries man, like Thatcat said, no need to beat yourself up about it. You 2 will be having a blast in no time.

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It’s to be expected! Same thing happened to me the first time as well. A couple more tries and you’ll be off to the races. Just a side note- make sure, if you haven’t already, that she doesn’t feel guilty or in any way bad about this. You’ve started off something great, make sure you keep it going!

Slow, teasing oral sex will get her lubed up, and her actions/sounds should get you standing at attention.

As the others have said, not a big deal, it’s one of life’s experiences.

Ha, ha, I have a similar story. We were both virgins - she knew nothing about sex, while I did my lessons with the theory. I did everything as I learnt, with a lot of foreplay, cutting her anxiety and getting her in mood, then positioning, pillow under her lower back, etc. She knew I was also a virgin but I tried to show no anxiety at all, though I had a lot. What I did wrong was that I allowed for too much foreplay. My dick was about to explode for more than an hour and simply got tired. When I felt I’m losing firmness, I suggested to postpone the penetration for the next day, which she happily accepted. We did it the next day without the slightest problem.
Now, after more than three decades of great sex I’m laughing at my concerns I had first time.

Don’t be embarrassed, you are all right! As it was said, you don’t need anything for better erection, you were just anxious. It is normal and expected to be anxious, but try to relax.

“She didn't look like she was enjoying”
Don’t expect her to enjoy the first, second, or third penetration. Let her some time to heal and get comfortable, then she will enjoy.

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