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This has got me really worried :


This has got me really worried :

For the last 2 day I’ve been getting the urge to urinate quite often and sometimes have trouble starting the flow, and when it does start it’s weaker than usual and sometimes burns slightly, I also have a tingly feeling in my penis and general groin area, and last night when I masturbated it didn’t feel the same as usual and the ejaculation was pretty painful and felt a burning sensation. My penis head sometimes gets really cold also for no apparent reason and my erection quality is no longer as good as it used to be, it’s not an STI as I haven’t had sex since splitting with my ex for cheating on me, and I got a full sexual health check up after her and got the all clear. I haven’t even started PE yet and all these symptoms are making me really worried. Any advice will be greatly appreciated.

Go make an appointment with your GP or visit your local health centre now. If you live in a place with sexual health clinic that might also be a good idea. You may be worried about nothing. You may have a legitimate worry and the faster you act now the better.

Good luck.

Thanks 74zowee86 I’ll make an appointment straight away, I am going to ask my gp for prostate check up also as I want to rule everything out.

Sounds like it might be a UTI (Urinary Tract Infection) but I’m no doctor. Make an appointment and try drinking cranberry juice and drink lots of water.

I drink lots of water ShyMplsMale I’ll give the cranberry juice a try, the thing is I’m on antibiotics for an acne break out on my back so if there is any infection going on they should destroy it, as they are also used for UTI’s, thanks for the advice guys.

Definitely get it checked out. If you feel motivated enough to feel your own prostate…if it is very painful to palpate it then it could be prostatitis. Sound like urethritis or a urinary stone are also possibilities. A urolgist would be a better choice than GP if possible.

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You are stretching with too much force, lightweight, that’s the most probably cause of coldness, tingly feeling and higher urinating frequency.

Take a rest, speak to a Doc for being sure that there are no damns, and after that restart with less intensity.

Thanks for the help guys, Marinera I havn’t started PE yet, I’m gonna wait till I get the all clear first and then I’ll start but will be real careful and take it slow.

Originally Posted by lightweight
Thanks for the help guys, Marinera I havn’t started PE yet, I’m gonna wait till I get the all clear first and then I’ll start but will be real careful and take it slow.

Not started PE yet and having PE-overwork symptoms? This is really strange.

Are you on Meds other than antibiotics? Have you used androgens (Testovirol, Testovis, Androbol and so on)?

I came off a 12 weeks cycle of roids about 14 weeks ago, I’m currently taking an anti depressant mirtazipine as I went through a real bad time when I found out my girlfriend had been cheating on me and got with a works colleague, shot my confidence to pieces, I suffered a urinary tract problem a few years ago and had to have a camera inserted into my bladder but everything came back normal. I’ve also had psychological ED too but I think that was caused by the the shit my ex put me through.

Any news yet lightweight?

Hey lightweight sometimes i have the same problens. Did you went to doc? What was your problem. Hey i hate going to the doctors…

I can’t get an appointment till Monday guys but I’ll keep you informed, hope it’s nothing serious as I really want to start PE and try and get some gains.

OK. Try and enjoy the sun we are having here in England… we don’t get enough that we should waste it with worries. Monday will come quick enough.

bugasman, I not i, if you are referring to yourself. Please.

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