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Things I NEVER dared to ask.


Things I NEVER dared to ask.


I’m new in PE, and I’m definitely lost.. I have some questions to be answered, if you find it’s worth your time.. Ill really appreciate it.

Heres some of my background.: I had my 18th birthday days ago.. I had a HAPPY childhood, although I don’t remember much of it, I’m good at school, have good friends.. Moral is high.. Except for some “little” problems.. Much pressure, feeling of emptiness, and.. In spite of being a fit, good-looking lad, I have no sex-life, maybe because of me thinking I’m too small.. Or perhaps thats what I think might “unconsciously” hold me back whenever I get chance to get laid (they don’t occur often anyways) . Now I’m dating a very hot girl, my age.. Who had lots of sexual experiences.. And that makes me feel even worse.

Well, the background was for you to get to know me, and because I think psychological factors may influence this kind of problems.. But enough .. Lets get through it.

I’ve been doing this routine, since yesterday.. And BELIEVE IT OR NOT ; I think I already increased by 0.3 inches

-Warm up (with hair dryer, no gas till tomorrow)
-Flexing my penis (pulling it in all directions, flaccid state)
- Jelq (don’t really know the method.. I just squeeze it.. And lub is soap for the time)
- Warm up
- Kegels anytime

Well: I don’t seem to ejaculate a lot.. Plus I get aroused very often, I don’t think I’m a long lasting man in bed. The point is that.. I can’t stop getting erect while I do the exercises.. Any suggestion??

My measurements:

Length, fully erect: I was on 5.70 last time I measured, and now I’m 6. Something
Girth: only measured today for first time: 5.5 inches.

Here come the questions:

-HOW SMALL AM I? Will a woman look at me and laugh/ find it “not attractive” ? I just think that it isn’t proportional to my body.. It seems too small between my big legs :S (my height is: 1.seventy-something)

- When a man ejaculates.. Can he keep going? How come there be multiple orgasms, if when I ejaculate, I can’t go on, it hurts, I lose all sensibility and I’m not excited.

- I’m not comfortable buying a lubricant, cause of my family.. Any home-made will do? Olive oil perhaps?
What about enlargement pills? Can I buy them at pharmacies? Is there a home made recipy?
Are they good for me? Is this whole PE healthy? Because pills say they release more testosterone, increase blood flow.. I assume temperature of body to, and sex desire.. The last two I definitely don’t need.. Most of my health problems are due too excessive blood temperature, and believe me testosterone is high, I’m the most hairy of my mates, and sex desire is pretty high, I’m erect half the day, and fully.. I don’t know how some guys even have sex with partial erections.. Plus I find it almost impossible to do jelqing like that.. I can’t reduce it to more than about 85-90% erect.. IS THAT A PROBLEM?

- I have a violet bruise already, and some red spots.. Is that cause I’m doing it OK ?

Well, I definitely have more questions, but I think you’ll get kind of lost.. Ill post some more in the future, under the title “Syd”.. If someone experienced offers to be my “PE MENTOR” ill be honoured.. And ill find that very helpful, because I find this issue more stressing than what it looks. Any better routine recommendation will be just fine.. And some explanations of how to perform the exercises without hurting myself, and getting 100% benefits, cause I’m in a hurry.. If I don’t make a move with this girl in the next month she’ll think I’M GAY!

Have fun, hope to talk to you soon, wish you best of lucks

You have absolutely nothing to worry about. You have average length, and GREAT girth. Not too many guys START at 5.5 girth. Believe it or not, you’d actually fit in large-size condoms. I think you’ll be grinning ear to ear if you go look at a girth chart broken down by percentile—you’re right up toward the top. Maybe someone can post a chart or link. Now go fuck her with confidence! :)

Thanks mushroom, that was encouraging..
Still I’m not pretty sure, perhaps I measured it wrong.. I tied a thread around my friend, and then measured it against a ruler (the thread needed to hug it). If I stick it in a toilet roll, I can touch both sides of it, but it is loose.

Say, what about the other questions?


Calm down my boy ! Haha
First of all, I’m 19, so I passed all the things you are passing not long ago. I only had one sexual partner, and now I’m dating a 25’er, so you can figure out how did I felt about the difference between us. We had sex, we talked, now everything is wonderful. I think you should talk to your girl a bit before you two get very intimates (I mean when you know that things are getting hot and you and her are likely to have sex in a few days).

How often you masturbate? I think that has to do with your horniness.
your size is average. Not small neither big, no woman would laugh at it.
Most of men can’t go on when they ejaculate, mainly because we all tend to go flaccid right after. That’s what multiple orgasm is about. Cumming without ejaculating and getting flaccid.

I am living with my parents again now, its been 15 days since I am with them and I’m in another country so I cannot go buy Vaseline for me yet. I’m using the Olive oil we got in the kitchen, that works fine!ç
About the bruise and red spots, everything has a limit right? You should look at your friend down there and see if he needs a brake. Too much bruise and red spots doesn’t mean good workout always. You should take care with those squeezes because they are not recommended for beginners (i burst many veins trying to do them when I couldn’ ! That = days off = no bigger penis.)

Well I hope I helped something, because I never get to write this much eheh. And sorry bout the english.
See ya!

I’m sure you got a fairly good estimate of your girth. Measure the same way a few more times to reassure yourself. I use a Tailor’s tape (flexible tape used for sewing). They only cost a couple bucks and make measuring girth quicker and a lot more reliable.

I’m not sure about the UK, but here in the US they keep changing the width of toilet paper tubes to cheat the consumer out of more and more toilet paper. There is no “standard” width anymore, so that’s probably not a reliable gauge.

Girth Breakdown
1.50” 0.3%
1.75” 0.4%
2.00” 0.4%
2.25” 1.2%
2.50” 0.3%
2.75” 0.3%
3.00” 0.4%
3.25” 0.4%
3.50” 0.9%
3.75” 1.1%
4.00” 6.3%
4.25” 6.3%
4.50” 17.1%
4.75” 11.7%
5.00” 24.1%
5.25” 9.9%
5.50” 11.5%
5.75” 3.0%
6.00” 3.9%
6.25” 0.5%
6.50” 0.5%
6.75” 0.1%

Only one guy in 12.5 is thicker than you. That’s got to make you smile. :) I’ll bet you never would have guessed that.

Hey Mushroom, that girth breakdown is great!

Is there one for length NBP and BP?

Syd, I’m 28 and just started with PE. Even if you think that you are currently small, just stick to PE until your my age and you’ll have a “world-record boner” (that’ll be like 10 years of exercising :-) )). And as a matter of fact, the older I got, the more interesting the whole thing around girls got. So, now is better than all years before and I also “only” have an average that does his work pretty good. And believe me one thing, it’s not the size of your son that makes you attractive to women. Get all the other stuff right (Personality crap, etc.) and you’ll do perfect. As a matter of fact, don’t let your size have negative impact on your confidence. I’ll bet you, lack of confidence is real reason why you don’t pick-up successfully.

So, your member is more that enough in size. Get more self-confident and just go out there and have fun. In no-time, doing some PE and having enough women sucking, your soon going to have the problem of becoming too big ;-).


Welcome to Thunder’s! It’s good to have you, and you can rest assured that your member is normal in size.

This thread may help you with jelqing and stretching: Jelqing & Stretching 101

You’ll also want to check out the Forum Guidelines . Pay special attention to the language and style section, which can be found by scrolling down the page to which I just linked you.

I’ll even copy that particular segment of the FAQ for you here:

*Save the slang for another forum! Use you instead of u and your instead of ur. Also 2 does not mean to or too. Got the idea?? Good !!!
*Capitalize the first word of your post title.
*Capitalize the first word of each sentence. Though it may be artsy and creative to start a sentence with a lower case letter, in this venue it is not preferred.
*Do use paragraph breaks for longer posts. It’s very hard for members to read a post that goes on at length without them.
*Avoid excessive use of … or —- in your posts. There are times it is appropriate. However, often, a period or semi-colon to break *Please re-read your post before submitting to check for spelling errors - we have included a spell checker for your convenience, please use it!

Perfection is not required, but common sense is appreciated. Simply try to be mindful of these things in order to keep the posting quality of the forum high.

"Only enemies speak the truth; friends and lovers lie endlessly, caught in the web of duty". -Roland, in Stephen King's The Last Gunslinger

Hey syd, welcome aboard matey (sorry outterbody Cappy experience).

You are about my size and I think I am about average. Don’t worry about it too much. You have plenty to be able to please your girl. About your questions.

Getting erections during the exercises will subside in time. You need to get used to handling it that way.

You are not small. Check out the PE Database linked at the bottom of the page. It has all the members stats (enter yours if you have not done so already). There are definitely people smaller than you are now.

Do a search for lube. There are a couple threads that give some good ideas (go to Advanced search and search lube by title). I use conditioner because I jelq in the shower and conditioner is not an abrasive like soap. That is just my personal preference. It works well for me. I find that Panteen conditioner lasts the longest. I can usually get 250-300 out of one application.

Don’t waste your money on the pills. I don’t believe they work at enlarging the penis. I’ve tried them and had no success anyway.

The bruise and red spots mean you are overdoing it. Ease up a bit.

There is a mentor program here at Thunder’s. I’ll have to go find the link. I’ll post again when I find it, or maybe someone else can chime in on that.

Again welcome, and best of luck to you. Make the move with your girl. If she really likes you for you your size won’t be a problem.


Thank you very much for your time, I found the answers very encouraging! I thought I was way too small; knowing I’m at least average really made my day =) . Still, I keep seeing porno movies, and the guys ARE really big, way bigger than I am, and that makes me think that I AM small.

I have some more questions I with you will answer. The first three are noob-like, but I did try and search for answers. It’s juts that I’m not handy with computers. Actually not handy with anything technological. The rest are more intimate, and asks for tips that only personal experiences can offer.

- I’m definitely lost about the LOT thing.. My erections are parallel to my body (if that has something to do with it). Any link to mentally-retarded explanations?

- I read about vitamin and other supplements helping PE. I just don’t seem to be able to buy those kind of things. Any advice? What kind of vegetables/fruit/meat should I go for?

- When I move my penis without the use of my hands. Does that mean that I’m doing Kegels? Or can it just be muscle contractions in the abdomen?


Brief intro: I have always been successful with the opposite sex. I don’t like to fancy around, but women do turn around to take a look at me. I’m not the social type of guy, but when I allow someone to enter my personal “circle” and they get to know me, generally they are impressed by my personality, and some have fallen deeply in love =) . I won’t go into the details of my character, but I can give you some generalities:

I always seek for pleasure in things that common people won’t even take in notice. Girls like it when you do things that people would mark as “illogical/insane/not-ordinary”. Mystery is the key: you show others that you don’t follow the herd, and you give this image of “self-sufficient”, of inner life. This should get women try to find out what really is that you are hiding! But here is the real hint: don’t rush, or you’ll lose the charm. Try letting her know bits of you, and be sure that those bits are way far from ordinary. Tell her you write or draw, show her you are not ashamed of expressing yourself, but don’t be too proud of it; it should be part of yourself, and not something you are doing just to make sure you are above the others. AND MAKE SURE not to describe yourself, or you’ll lose all the mystery. Just let her know how you are by actions and not by mere words.. You have to be what you pretend to be. Create her this image of man with strict life codes, loyal to yourself. Make her know what you expect of life and other people, and be harsh on that. Make sure she understands you expect everything from everyone, and show extreme disappointment if she fails. She has to understand that you have a solid personality, whatever your personal rules are, make the explicit. CREATE A MYTHICAL YOU, and act like that in any circumstances. Be sentimental, and don’t be ashamed when you do so, thats integrity. You won’t lose your manhood in the way, just make them think you are the most human, expose your weaknesses as if they we’re public, but let her be the only one that gets to know you, or at least make her think she is ( you will make her feel special, if you make her think you are a very closed, introverted person, and that you are opening up only to her). Exagerate everything, be extremist. Turn a simple moment of silence into a great symbol of passion. Every thing you do with her, do it as if it was the most pure thing, your first time. Show her that you care, convert your simple relationship in a love to be told by tales. Be innocent and naive, let her think you put your life in your relationship. Take quick and irrational decisions, act “weird”, and act like it as if it was normal to you.
WOMEN LOVE WEIRD THINGS, from little to big things, from giving her a simple green leaf as a present instead of a dozen of red flowers, or be obsessive about things nobody would even care of, to plan her a trip to the end of the world, or just snap and become an other you, a crazy one, and do illogic things. Just let your imagination fly and make her feel comfortable with that, don’t hesitate to show her your deepest personal thoughts, however stupid or shameful they may be, or however freak they may sound. Everyone has it’s dark side, bring it out!

Well, I got carried away. My intention was not to make a love manual. But, penis size isn’t the only factor when dealing the opposite sex! See, I can also give some hints, everyone has it’s own secrets, I hope I can learn yours by reading this forum!! (Note: I’m just 18, and these that I described has really helped me in my relations; I had some really passionate loves, truly mythical. I don’t know the secrets of being older. But I think that staying at least young in mind will attract women, BE ROMANTIC about life, keep up with your values and make them explicit, be strong in personality. I repeat, be innocent and naive, be a child, don’t let social factors interfere with your true self, and show that to the others, you’ll gain lots of women who want to get a piece of that, because men like that are not numerous!)

Now.. When you already have your girl fallen in love, sex comes into play. And there’s where I need the help! =)

- Any tips for the first time? I desperately seek to satisfy her. My penis isn’t that big, are there ways to make her feel more pleasure? What about the moments before sex, how do I get me, or her prepared? How do I make it a very very special moment, not just sex??


If I can tell you anything, size has little to do with confidence. I’m 8.75 (BPEL) by 5.75 (EG), 21 years old, and I’m a virgin who hasn’t the slightest idea of what to do as far as sex, women (or men), or anything of the like goes.

Confidence comes from elsewhere. I’m living proof of that.

As far as sex goes, lol dude, you get it hard, stick it in, and pump in and out til you cum. It’s not that fucking complicated.

I wish I had your problems…I can’t even meet a woman without repulsing her or being a shithead to her. Guess that’s the result of being distrustful of humans for so long…very hard to change once you base your life around it…but anyway, just have fun, you’ve already got the basics down and have got some prospects. If you got that…don’t even worry about sex…it’ll come…especially if you don’t think about it.

Remember: Thinking is your enemy in this. NEVER, I repeat…NEVER think. Ever. Smash your head into a door if you have to (I do)…whatever helps you to not think and keep that rationalizing little bitch that is your brain OUT of the picture…and you will have no problems.

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For you guys that lack confidence.. I’m sorry if this is against the rules but I couldn’t find anywhere where it said you couldn’t. It doesn’t involve penis gains or anything, just confidence. It’s an ebook for sale and it works great! If you buy it, and start getting laid all the time.. Don’t forget to post back and thank the person that told you about it!

Luka-- Happy Gainings everyone! Start-Dec.14--BPEL-6.5 X EG-5 Current-BPEL-6.9 X EG-5.25 My Dick's true calling NBPEL-8 EG-6


There is an article on the opening page of the site. It is written by Modesto man and gives a computer animation of the LOT theory.

Soap is not a good thing for jelqing as it will cause soreness and take the natural oil from your skin. Being warm and moist down there will make it worse and you could end up with dermatitis. You could try something like wheatgerm oil, which is recommended for skin and would pass any parental scrutiny.

Penis pills are a NO NO. All they do, if they do anything, is give you an erection; and you don’t seem to need that help!

Don’t measure yourself against porn merchants. They only get there because they are big. Compare yourself with average, because that’s what most girls get anyway.

Just never take things too seriously when with a girl and nature normally takes it’s course.

Good hunting.


Don't be a lurker left out in the cold. :lurk: Join the happy band of donors!

Psst! The link is at the bottom of the page :bigwink:


I think you already have everything you need to have the most Lilac time you could ever wish for. I’m close to double your age, and of everything I could offer as a response, I think it would all be mute if I didn’t say just one thing, that may sound condescending or glib, but I mean it in the most honest way, and hope you can understand the real meaning behind it. I say this as a guilty party that wishes it were different:

“Don’t think too much”.

Honestly, ignorance really is bliss.

Thank you!

I really appreciate you guys wasting your time on someone you don’t even know. And being sex and PE the topic, it’s nice to have people to ask without feeling ashamed, because it’s difficult to find someone in your personal life to talk about this things!!

(I’ll take the advice of not thinking too much, but the fact is that I can’t afford to let go, I always have to think and have everything planed =S )

Know that I think it again.. We shouldn’t care about penis size that much, pleasure comes from lots of things other than sex!!

Well, about the confidence, nobody is perfect..

Phreakk, I understand what you are going through because It also happened to me. I used to repel women, till I made my mind. Till I knew I had qualities to be valored. And I built this strong personality ( I described some things in an earlier message), and now, believe me or not, I’m pretty successful, and way too happy about myself!
Trying PE is just me wanting to fill more holes!

So, don’t get depressed, life is more than picking up women!

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