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Things I NEVER dared to ask.


Hello Syd, before you touch this girl you have to read this manual of sex , it will help you .let me know how it goes..

Is about tantra sex.very good for begginers.good luck

For some reason I can’t enter the correct link.but look on yahoo search for .The total mantra manual by eo.then enter

Thanks lomito. I dealt with it by just entering here:

Looks good, very deep!

People: Don’t feel stupid by posting answers to the very first posts, I’m more than happy to receive more points of view!

Might want to search farther than mumyuoan for tantra info. Some very usable sex info on the site but “Zen Tantra” is something the site writer cobbled together (made up) on his own. It is Neither Zen not Tantrika. Nothing wrong with that actually, tantra shouldn’t (in my opinion) be a rigid, dogmatic, reified system of belief anyway.

Besides, the following is from the site its self:

“…This text is not for teaching Zen, either.
Furthermore, it is not for Tantrism…”

Running a Massive Co-Front.


‘Bout the “don’t last long thingie”..

If it’s your first time, and she’s really hot, don’t worry about it..
You can cum more than once without going flaccid.

I started sex about the same as you, and could pump her with 2 to 3 times orgasms without going flaccid, maybe it’s something personal, but now I can’t anymore, so I think it just has something to do with virginity.


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