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Things I have learned as a newbie, my story

Things I have learned as a newbie, my story

I think i finally found a routine that works for me.
Maybe some newbies can learn from my mistakes. Anyway, this is my story.

My first contact with PE was in 2006. I bought the JES extender and used it a couple of hours a day for maybe three or four months. The only results I noticed was a much bigger flacid hang and improved eq. Because of lack of erectgains I gave up and did nothing for one year or so. I then found the thunders-place in 2007 and started reading the posts and looking at before and after pictures. I decided to give it another go. Started the newbie routine and using the JES extender as an ADS for a couple of hours a day. As before I noticed bigger flacid hang and improved eq. No noticeable erect gain though. After a month or so I started to get really depressed thinking that this PE thing may not work for me. Everyone but me seemed to be gaining. I read post here on thunder of people that gained one inch in a couple of month. I started to get obsessed whit PE and I tried pumping, hanging, pulling, stretching and literally beating the shit of my dick. The results: lost in size and decreased eq. Once again, I gave up thinking PE is not for me. Even this time I gave up after perhaps 2-3 month.

In spring 2008 I got circumcised, mostly because of aesthetic and hygienic reasons. I let my dick heal all the rest of the year. In January 2009 I decided to give PE another try. This time I decided to not get obsessed with PE, and that meant for me to not keep measuring every day and not to think about it 24-7. Instead my primary goal was to make PE a part of my daily routines, just as going to work or going to the gym. I started with the newbie routine with manual stretches and jelqing. After a couple of weeks I also started hanging 20 mins a day. Finally I think I found a routine that works for me. I now hang 20-30 min a day and then I use my ADS for as long as I can. I don`t count the hours. Every other day I use my bath-mate for 20 min, one or sometimes two sets. My eq is much better, my flacid hang after I take my ADS of is crazy! I think I have gained both erect length and girth the last weeks but I don’t wont to measure. I decided t measure every other month or so. My dick DEFINITELY feels bigger in my hands though. I am aware of that I just have been persistent for 3½ month but I definitely feels that I’m on the right track now! I no longer feel obsessed and don`t think about PE as much as I did before. I feel motivated to keep doing this, perhaps for the rest of my life.

Somethings I have learned through my PE journey is:


2. You are not the only one that has hard to gain. Those who has trouble gaining may not want to post and tell about their lack of results. I know I wouldn’t!

3. It takes time to find a routine that works for you and when you find it, take your time and be persistent. Don`t go and wait for the results to come, let it go and the results will probably come after time. Just because you have trouble gaining does not mean that you are a “hard gainer”, maybe you just haven’t found a routine that works for you yet.

I`m still a newbie and I`m still learning! :)

Sound like your found your sweet spot with PE, and some good advice.

I haven't failed, I've found 10,000 ways that don't work. Thomas Edison (1847-1931)

Nice post.

Goal: done, in peace with what I have

Less is more.

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