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Thin base

Thin base

Ok, how do you widen the base of your penis? Mine is wider in the middle than at the bottom. It kinda looks like a baseball bat. I know that has probably been discussed here before, but I’m having trouble finding it with the site search.

Search for baseball bat in TITLES ONLY and you’ll get more toned down and to the point threads.

Reverse jelqing and especially horses can help you with this. Also hangers report base girth gains from hanging. Remember that this are all advanced exercises.

Thnx fellas

I have been vacuum hanging and clamping for a while now. I don’t know if one or both of those things is increasing the base for me but it is the thickest part of my dick. Not what I would have expected from hanging or clamping. Has anyone else noticed a similar thing?

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I just realized that this thread is in the Newbie Forum. Sorry. Hanging and clamping is not recommended for newbies. I should have posted my question elsewhere.

My girth is very small, I’m hoping to improve that here.

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Try getting a near-erection and pushing blood back towards the base, maybe starting with your pinky at the head and then closing the other fingers in order from pinky to index, then do some kegels.

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