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Hi everyone, I am brand new to this forum and just starting pe. my starting stats are 7” BPEL and 6” EG. I would like to focus an length and girth equally, but definately do not want to lose girth in the quest for length, as I heard stretching can do this. How can I increase both length and girth, right now I am thinking 30 min. power jelq 5 days a week with hot wrap before and after. Do you think it is possible to make 9” non bone pressed length and 8” girth?

thanks a lot for the help, this is a great community

P.S. I will try to post pics soon

>>Do you think it is possible to make 9” non bone pressed length and 8” girth?

I don’t now but I think that with time and perseverance it is possible.

Sure that you want 8” in girth or are this just a rhetorical question?

Thanks for the reply. I think that with time and perseverance anything can be possible. I would like between 7” and 8” in girth. Do you think jelqing is enough to accomplish this or do I need to incorporate other exercises into my program?

thanks again for the help

>right now I am thinking 30 min. power jelq 5 days a week with hot wrap before and after<

Why not learn to jelq before employing the power jelq?

If you are lucky initial gains will come quickly as they do for some. If this is the case 1/2” - 1” length can happen super quick and maybe 0.5” girth plus but don’t count on that. PE is hard work. If you want those gains consider committing 2-3 years to the process.

Jelqing alone is great, adding a few stretches can also be useful and constantly evaluating your routine and changing it if it doesn’t work is important.

Are you sure you want that much girth? 6” is a great usable girth more than that and you start to limit what other people will let you do with it.

On the length side you are also over average, which is a great starting point and you have to consider if you are not with a regular partner whether you will have enough time with any one partner to allow them to acclimatise :)

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Hi there Bigbedu,

Welcome to the board. Well, I think you have a very very damn good start there, what you’ve already got now is what I want mine to be:) . Considering that you are new to this, why don’t you read all the post and stick with jelqing first, after you’ve got enough information, than you could choose other form of PE, whether hanging or pumping. I think Jelq is OK for now. Good luck with it, and maybe you could make some pics so you could keep track of your progress. Too bad I don’t have digital cam. Seeya:) .

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