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thicknes gains

thicknes gains

Hi, New member…long time listener

I hate to say that I might be a pencil dick because it hurts, but I really would like to get some advice from some of the people out there who have done some serious girth increases.

I would love to be in the average, to above average range, but I’m not sure what routine might help me to achieve this goal.

I appreciate all advice, and I’ll keep you posted on the results.



First things first…. go to the Newbie forum and thoroughly read the “Newbie Primer” and “Newbie Routine” threads.

Use the links provided in those threads to get to the definitions and descriptions of the exercises. Study these descriptions. The first exercise that you should start with is the basic wet jelq, so learn it.

Jelqs are an exercise for gaining both length and girth. As a beginner, basic wet jelqing is ideal for you. Most experienced PE-er’s here recommend starting with a month or two of basic wet jelqing as a way of conditioning the penis for PE. Most say to not even attempt the more advanced exercises until you have at least several weeks or even several months of jelqing under your belt to condition you.

When you feel that you are ready for them, you can do Horse 440’s, Uli’s, Extreme Uli’s, or squeezes, all of which target girth. But do not try them until after conditioning yourself with a solid jelq routine. Yes, I am repeating myself here, but all experienced and successful long term PE-er’s insist that it is necessary to start gradually in order to avoid injury.

The instructions and descriptions of Horse 440’s, Uli’s and squeezes can be found in the recommended Newbie reading material.

I have been doing a jelq variation that has added more than a quarter inch of girth to my penis in 3 months. I went from 5.7” girth to 6” girth in 3 months. (I am in my fourth month of PE right now.) Here is how I do it:

In the 80-90 % erect state I squeeze with my left hand just under the head with an OK overhand grip. Then I use my right hand in an underhand OK grip to squeeze the base. This squeezing at both ends of my penis makes the sides of the shaft balloon out. Then I move both hands together slowly (the left hand goes down the shaft while the right hand goes up the shaft), until there is about an inch between the two. I of course keep the squeeze from both hands going the whole time. For variation I will do this same thing but only move the lower hand; leaving the top hand squeezing under the head. Each stroke takes at least 3 seconds. If I find myself becoming fully erect, I stop, take my hands off my penis and wait for the erection to subside to 85 -90 % (I don’t want to make my penis explode!)
I do this two handed jelq variation for 20 minutes.

I’m sure this variation has been “discovered” long before me, but I don’t know of any name for it.

I started doing these in my second month of PE after getting conditioned with regular jelqs for the first month. Please do not do them until you feel you are ready for them. They are quite a bit more intense than regular wet jelqs but I have found them to be very productive for gaining girth.

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