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thicker in the middle

thicker in the middle


I started PE about two weeks ago. After my first exercise i noticed that i grew thicker in the middle section. Now it is clearly visible. It’s like a thick belt.It’s more curved on the right side… annoying. I’m sure i’m doing something wrong. So if some of You could help me with this i would be very grateful.

Exercises i m’m making are:

5 min hot wrap
5 min manual stretch (ten 30-second stretches)
10 min of jelq (two hundred 3-second strokes)
5 min hot wrap
50 kegels of five second holds each

Schedule: 2 days ON / 1 day OFF

Thank You

Does this belt go away after a few hours or does it seem permanent? If it goes away it is probably lymph fluid buildup which can be caused by jelqing. Move the skin back and forth on the shaft and see if the bulge moves with the skin or seems to be on the underlying tissue. If it moves with the skin I’d say it is lymph fluid.

It’s about an inch wide and i guess it’s not lymph fluid. It’s permanent. I think the muscle has disformed itself. The erection stretches it somehow, so it’s just thicker in the middle - not noticable… But in flacid state it’s quite odd. Here is a little sketch…

note the bracket - this one is especially strange…
however it’s not curved that much on the right side, but is quite annoying…

Yeah, i kinda have that, i always have though, mine goes kinda the whole way from shaft to head though, its more soft then the other side too, more spongey.

ATM = 7 6/8 x 51/8 Next Goal = 8.0 x 5.5 Current Routine = Length Only (stretching)

I’m having a similar problem. Towards the end of my jelq/uli session the right side of my penis, close to the head, swells out more than the other side. I’m thinking there is a weakness in the tunica there. I’m afraid if I continue girth work, the weakness will become more pronounced and my penis will eventually curve (currently it is still straight). Is there anything I should do, do I have to discontinue my girth routine? Has anyone else gotten a bent penis from PE? Is it dangerous?

One foot to go

I’m serious. I stopped PE-ing because the curve is visible even in the erect state now… What am i doing wrong? It is not lymph, because it is as hard as on other places - not more, not less…

I’m worried, so i hope someone who has experiences will answer this…

Please help!


Hey It happend to me last week also. I stoped for few days but no difference. My problem is that my base looks thicker and then the right side looks thicker also making that look like yout sketch. I have it when flacid and when erect. I don’t know what happend, but i got it last week after some JELQing and few erect bends.. I hope it will go to my previous state when i`ll rest.

did it go away, kowal?

I would really appreciate if someone of the gurus helped.

Nope It didn’t. I am scared that I did hurt my penis someway and it is going to be a permanent change. Hope not, but its been over 3 weeks now and no changes. I guees I screwed up something. I am not doing any more PE except KEGELS. I don’t think they are good for me. I have not gained anything except that my penis is now more curved to the left. Which sucks!

i too got that when soft you can see its thicker on that side it doesnt bend but its thicker on that side

Hi Log, Have you found anything useful on this yet, if not try writing a private message and send it to a few pro’s like ThunderSS, CaptnHook, Luvdadus etc. see what they say, or try a re-post in the main members section, this matter doesnt seem like it has had the attention it deserves!

Good luck dude.


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