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There is any possiblity your penis can get smaller?

There is any possiblity your penis can get smaller?

Hello, I just started PE for 3 days. With PE newbie routine, during Jelqing session my penis shrink and I tried to “beat it” to make it hard again. I felt like I was 100% hard. Just from eyesight my penis looked smaller than before, maybe it was just my imagination, I’m gonna do a check tomorrow and measure it, since I saw this at the end of Jelqing session.

Good day.

You’re probably going at it too hard and your eq is taking a hit. If you can’t get a good erection after a workout then kick the intensity or duration back a notch and see what happens. I get what you are saying tho. If I manually stimulate to full erection my dick is not as thick as if I was mentally aroused.

I wouldn’t worry about it. I also wouldn’t get in the habit of measuring frequently. That can really discourage you and set you back. Just focus on getting the intensity and time down for now.

To me it just sounds like you overdid it, as G263 said.

Regular newbie was too hard on my penis, I suggest you try out a lighter one:

Linear Newbie Routine

Also check these two articles if you haven’t already. They will guide you all though your PE career

Physiologic Indicators (PIs) to help growth!
Warning! If you haven’t gotten improved erections:

Overtraining buddy. Just take it easier in future,do less reps or intensity perhaps. The PIs thread is worth reading… and memorising.

I think you guys are right,I’ll go back to newbie routine I was a bit too hyped about this PE thing, and over-trained. I should’ve done 2 days/1 rest. Instead I did 3 days/1 rest. With about 150-200 jelqs per session.

I’ll measure next week after I go back to normal routine. Won’t measure right now, as someone stated above, may become discouraged.


Patience is a virtue in PE and also more intense is not necessarily better.

It happens sometimes. Don’t worry about it, You’ve just to train lighter.

Take some time off of PE first.

From the article I linked above:

Warning! If you haven’t gotten improved erections:

Originally Posted by sparkyx
If you are currently doing PE and you haven’t had improved EQ or worse yet, you have had DECREASED EQ…take 2-3 weeks off…COMPLETELY OFF.

If you have been over training, you will find after about a week or so, your EQ will start to improve. It may continue to improve for several weeks, at which point it will slowly begin to decrease again. This is the point to begin training again.

I would suggest a very simple routine, far less than you had before. Something like 5 minutes of modest jelqing and 5 minutes of kegels every other day or less (kegels are VERY important).

Again I will recommend that Linear Newbie Routine.

Linear Newbie Routine

When I was a newbie 250 jelqs were way too fatiguing. I am a “less is more” PE guy, and you may be the same.

Is starting out lesser necessarily better

Linear Newbie will help you slowly ramp up.

I couldn’t abstain myself and I measured today, apparently I am exactly same measurement as I was before.

But it’s a bit weird, I think I either don’t know to measure or just my penis changes it’s length, sometimes I am 15cm, sometimes 15,5cm sometimes 14cm. For example if I get fast erection and I feel it’s 100% it’s 14cm, but if I fap for like 5 minutes, I can reach 15+ cm.

Record bone pressed measurements as well as non bone pressed, depending on how relaxed your pelvic floor is, your level of arousal and how long you’ve been edging it may take a while to reach maximum size.

We don’t always have the same performances everytime. Measurements should be taken when your EQ is at the best.

Originally Posted by cry4ty94

…For example if I get fast erection and I feel it’s 100% it’s 14cm, but if I fap for like 5 minutes, I can reach 15+ cm.

I’m the same. A fast erection can feel very hard, but not look full size. As the elastic components of the tissues relax a little it feels a little softer for a short time, then comes up against the limit of elastic expansion and feels fully hard again, but full size.

Heat makes the difference between gaining quickly or slowly for some guys, or between gaining slowly instead of not at all for others. And the ideal penis size is 7.6" BPEL x 5.6" Mid Girth.

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