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There and back again a PE'ers tale.

There and back again a PE'ers tale.

So I started out on the newbie routine, and saw a small amount of increase in girth and EQ. But being the overzealous young person that I am I started to over do it, jelqing with to high of an erection and after a few days I started experiencing pain and a sort of twitching sensation in the shaft of my penis. So once this occurred I decided I should take a break, not masturbating or practicing PE I took about two weeks off and in that time noticed that my erections felt thicker and heavier. Reading up I pinned that on the fact that my penis had time to recover and fully grow in to my gains, which of course excited me so again I started to PE but I decided to come at it from a different approach to see if I could circumvent the pain that I had been experiencing before. So I started a routine as follows: I would take a extremely warm shower, allowing the warm water to heat my penis and also massaging it in the process, then I would start an edging session and I would do that until I felt the PONR and I would squeeze me PC muscle to stop my ejaculation. Once my penis started to return to it’s flaccid state I would grip it firmly and perform a hand clamp with about a 70% erection. Then once I had a good seal I would kegel more blood into my penis and clamp. I can’t really describe the feeling but I could tell that I was expanding the internals of my penis. I would hold for thirty seconds and at about 25 seconds I would slowly release the seal to allow the blood to escape, then I would kegel pulling more blood into my penis and jelq into my enlarged member. I would continue this for about twenty minutes repeating every time I came to my PONR. After I had finished my twenty minutes I would draw a hot bath and soak and massage my penis for as long as the water would stay warm. After about 2 weeks of doing this I have seen massive improvements in my flaccid and erect girth but minimal to no gains in length. But I feel with continuation of this technique I will possibly see length gains in the future and if not I will change up my routine accordingly adding stretching time and such. But as of now I’m working on girth. Kind of a long read but felt like sharing what I’ve experienced this last month or so. Good luck to everyone and may your gains be long.

Just reading the title of this thread made me LOL , I wonder what Peter Jackson would think if he saw this (*_*)

Ya I watched The Hobbit the other day for the first time and it seemed like a semi fitting title but yes you’re right he might be a little astonished at the use of his title.

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Jackson would have used paragraphs.

Yes 3 overly long ones :)


Jackson? Seriously?

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Jackson? Seriously?

Thank you, brainhans!

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