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I tried the links from the bib-hanger site but none of them seemed to ship to europe, anyone know of a place who do ship here?

Also, what color is best for traction wrap?

Hey Rocco,

Check this link for the Thera-band order page, it also has the phone number of the home office in Germany, they should be able to tell you where to acquire some Thera in Europe.

As far as what color is best, I’ll let someone with traction wrapping experience answer that. I do know that most hangers use the silver for hanging though.

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Thank you for your quick reply Thunder!

Yeah, I have noticed silver being popular in hanging, but I suspect it might be a bit tough for wrapping, something more flexible should work better I guess. But I have no experience at all with Thera-bands so I really have no clue what to expect.

Perhaps lil12big1 would care to answer, if you read this? You inspired me to look into it, read your post from when you started out and your great gains, very inspireing!

Hopefully I will pay back the time spent on me when I myself have more knowledge in these matters and can pass it on to newbies in the future.

Hey Rocco!

For traction wrap you need a fairly strong Theraband - if it’s too soft it won’t do the job properly. I’ve always gone for the silver variety and it seems to work fairly successfully. You might also like to experiment with an ADS - it’s provides a bit more traction than a wrap. Whatever you choose, take it easy and always keep an eye on things!

Hope this helps.

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