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Thera P wrap

Thera P wrap

How tight do you wear the wrap and for how long, I have managed to obtain one from eBay and would like to give it a try after my PE lesson. Also should I wrap it round shaft base or balls as well?

Thanks All

I use mine everyday. I bought the 3” Velcro wrap and have tried a couple other wraps, but for me, the Velcro wrap is the most comfortable. I’ll stretch my dick out and wrap my cock snugly 3x with it, starting under the head and spiraling downward toward the base, with the Velcro attaching to the bottom side of my cock. From what I’ve read, many people use the wrap all day. It’s especially good after you jelq and stretch, so your cock will maintain the stretch long after your PE session is finished. It also helps to hold you cock in place if you do BTC’s while driving, like I do.

Here’s a little tip: Don’t let the Velcro rub against your nuts! You’ll know what I mean if you don’t wrap it correctly.

One other important point: If the head of your cock becomes cold, then you know you wrapped it too tightly.

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