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TheoryQuestion: Jelqing, Menthol BenGay, and Blood Flow

TheoryQuestion: Jelqing, Menthol BenGay, and Blood Flow

It’s pretty much accepted that Menthol causes blood vessels to dilate and fill with blood more easily. That’s the reason that sucking on a cough drop before licking a clitoris results in a more engorged clit that is more sensitive to stimulation.

Since jelqing (correct me if I’m wrong) is all about increasing blood flow to the penis and loosening up ligaments etc, doesn’t it stand to reason that using menthol rich cream while doing PE might increase the amount of blood flowing to that area? Which would in turn have positive effects?

My only reservation is that the organ that would come in contact with the menthol is actually the epidermis (skin) surrounding the penis and not the penis itself, whereas with the clit the actual organ is exposed to the menthol once the clitoral hood is pulled back.

Anybody want to postulate with me?

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It makes sense in theory, you;d have to get it so the cream penetrated the skin into the actual organ. However, can you find a cream with menthol that doesn’t hurt like a bastard when it touches your members?

Go ahead and try, don’t forget to post in real time :D

regards, mgus

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I’m sure you’ll find Menthol stings on sensitive epidermis. Try it and tell us! I’ll let YOU try - not me thanks

Those types of creams irritate the skin and cause the capillaries to dilate and thus you get a warming sensation. They do not penetrate nor affect the deeper vessels. I think you’ll be wasting your time and money as well as causing your sensitive penile skin more trauma than it’s worth.

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Originally Posted by ThunderSS

Fuck if I would do that.


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Originally Posted by HappytoPE

In a horny mood I once put toothpaste on my dick. Not to be recommended, it hurt like hell :P

I put it on my balls once. That was different.

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Of course; you have to use parfum, instead.

Just kidding.


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