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I have a slight theory about PE and I want to know if it is true so I have devised a sort of test for my theory.

I just need people to do the following:

Have one had totally relaxed. Pinch the skin on the back of the relaxed hand with your other hand using just the thumb and index finger. Pull the pinched skin away from the back of the hand as far as possible and as tricky as this next bit is, measure that maximum distance. Anyone who knows anything about skin will automatically recognise this as an elasticity test. What I want to see is if there is a correlation between the skin stretch distance and PE gains, some sort of ratio or something.

My skin stretches to 17mm from the back of my hand.

If skin stretch has a part to play than I dare say it would relate to girth more so than length. Whether it has a good or bad effect is what I want to figure out. So if you have a big skin stretch, have you had large or small gains and were they permanent?

Let the test begin

Skin really has nothing to do with PE gains. Gains come from stretching the core structures of ligaments, spongy tissues and the tunica layer which lies below the skin surface. Skin will always stretch to accommodate the increasing dimensions that lie beneath it.

Skin is an adaptive organ. It can grow and shrink with a lot of variable changes. I dont think the skin stretch correlates to PE in any way. I’d emphasize on what gprent has to say.

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