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Theory, perspective and questions

Theory, perspective and questions

I have read quite a bit about PI’s and such and although I’m new here id like to propose an outside point of view.

In my case I have been doing PE on and off for over 4 or 5 years, I never said anything just lurked around a lot. As the years went on more and more Louis and Clark’s have emerged to show us all the way to what was only known as the impossible at one time.

I started out with a 5 inch long and 5 inch wide dick and no real guidance during that time, I embarked on my journey to prove that the only reason the medical profession refused to accept PE was because they couldn’t profit from it in the long run.

I have used everything under the sun to get big from the size-genetics thing to pills. After all that time I did get to 6 inches long and 5 and a half mid-shaft to a 6 inch base, I have been trying to break this plateau for about 2 years give or take.No I have not been the model PEer mostly because of time restraints.

I want to say that size MATTERS, to you to me and to the women and even the men in our lives, don’t kid your self on this or let anyone else bullshit you saying otherwise. No it’s not the most important thing or the only thing your partner looks at but it MATTERS. The same way we want a nice thick, juicy luscious ass they want long hard shaft to hold when sucking and to look at. Any time I read an article that says a woman’s pussy can be stimulated with 4 or 5 inch’s I just want to puke.Those assholes forget that blow-jobs are part of sex and when your girl is holding your dick with 2 fingers because she can’t seem to get her hand around it can make a man feel less than a man.

I used to be in the ARMY and I befriended a guy who was shy. To make a long story short we became best friends and we met a girl while stationed in Germany who wanted to try a 3 way, no problem for me because I don’t have any insecurities but I had to convince him into it.I made it my mission to get this kid some pussy. Well during sex I understood why he was so shy and reluctant he had one of those micro dicks, this girl had the heart of an angel because she was so patient with him without being obvious. Watching this kid get blown was the saddest thing I ever saw a grown man go through.During this experience I had already had a 6 inch dick and it put things in perspective for me.Things that were very obvious during this experience was this girl spent more time on me than him and the worst part was she looked very uncomfortable trying to suck him off and to add insult to injury she did everything she could to keep him from mounting her. So yes it matters because I’d bet money that if we had another guy with us who was 7 inches or more he would have gotten most of the attention. I wrote this to offer both hope and perspective to anyone just getting started or getting ready to give up on PE.

Now about this PI stuff, I noticed that my initial gains came mostly from light stretching and slow and very light jelqing, as I progressed I started to increase the tempo not fast at first just gradually until I was conditioned then I got ridiculous with it and put a lot of pressure and stretching my dick out like it was a “stretch Armstrong” after reading a lot about EQ and PI’s and so forth I remembered something about when I first started. I jelqed very close to the way I masturbated but when I started to add a lot of pressure that’s when it became more and more difficult to keep my dick semi hard, then I went through a major ED period and stopped everything, this is when I started flexing my PC muscle on and off. Once again I started slow until I was conditioned then again with the strangling of my dick routine and the stretch was way to much and ended up with a vein injury so I gave up again, then one day I started again this time with the SG extender no manual PE.

Looking at things from a common sense perspective is it possible that my body has been fighting against me because it understands that the pressure and intense stretching is not my normal routine? What if the body can only respond to very small changes at a time? When I first started stretching it was only up to where it was fully extended then just a very small increase from there, however when I tried to stretch real hard even if it didn’t hurt it would become very stiff and loose it’s rubbery free spirit motion. The same was true about my jelqing, when I assimilated jelqing in my life it was done the same way I masturbated. What if my dick was still getting hard because it was clueless about my motives and related sex and jelqing in the same group? If your an aggressive masterbater and are normally rough on your dick then jelqing hard and hard stretching might be what will give results with the whole “less is more or more is more” concept.

I am NOT an expert, scientist or anything like that so please understand I’m not assuming anything here, I just would like to know if you all have experienced this during your PE journey and could this be the reason I haven’t gone beyond my 6 inches freeze

Your body always fights change. If it didn’t we would all finish up looking pretty odd.

In order to change we have to fight our body’s reluctance. It has been shown that the Newbie Routine s here can make a difference. Forget about pills potions and palliatives. Just try the Newbie Routines. and see what that can do for you . - It has been pretty successful so far with most people

Hope that helps.


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