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Theory on Quick Gains from Extenders.

Theory on Quick Gains from Extenders.

Hi Guys

This is my first thread so all of you please be gentle. (Lol)

I have a theory on Stretcher and Extender Devices.

I happen to own a Max Extender and it makes a claim that you can gain up to 2 inches in 90 days.

That sounds amazing a Extender which talks… … … .(I mean that the leaflet with it made this claim)

But back to the subject I Digressed from.

Well I did try it out but not for 90 days.

Let me explain.

It says that for 90 days for wearing it for only 2 hours a day can get you gains of up to 2 inches(the average gain of the device it claims is 1.4 inches).

It also mentions that the more hours a day you wear it the less days you would have to wear it for it to work.


Wearing it for 45 days for 4 hours a day is equivalent to wearing it for 90 days at 2 hours a day.

So I made a little Regime of wearing it for 22.5 days at 4 hours a day.(I was only going to do 10 but I decided in for a penny in for a pound).

So lets do the math. I am doing it for half the recommended amount of time for the device.

Meaning I should get half the gains by math.(meaning at the end of it I should end up with an extra 0.7 inches)

So I did it and I ended up with a whole extra… . . Nothing? If anything I think it got smaller or my measurement must have been mistaken at the beginning.

6.5 bpel to 6.0 bpel (I have reverted back to my 6.5 status) Maybe over training? Or the cells contracting?

Not sure but onto my theory.

The Whiskers Theory of the claims by the Max Extender company.

Well the only thing I noticed with this device (apart from discomfort) is that the stretch of my penis became more and nowadays I can stretch it to 6.0 inches with my bare hands without any pain or discomfort.

And I have seen reports that people stretch over there BPEL while wearing stretching devices.

Over inches in length they can stretch but yet it does not make their penis that length when erect.

So the reason I Believe they can get away with these claims is that the Penis can Acheive this extra length when stretching but not erect meaning they can just say that your penis has acheived the extra length just not when erect.

What do you guys think??

A reasonable Theory? Or just a crackpot one?

Please give me your views on the matter and any experiences you may have.


Ps: How do I write a signature thing so I can put my starting length in?

Yours sincerely MrWhiskers

I can’t help you on the extender as I don’t do extending.

But you can click on the usercp buttn at the top right of the page and that will lead you to the signature paragraph,

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Gain up to is always the trick. I never believe anything like that. It’s like someone that buys a high performance racing filter thinking they really made their car faster.

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Many people on here including myself believe if your bpfsl increases, it is only a matter of time before the bpfsl becomes your bpel. The fact that your penis is more pliable after the stretcher is a good sign. If gains don’t come after some time, try doing some manual stretching after you take the device off.

I’m not sure the stretcher alone will give you more length. Most guys use the stretcher to aid their manual stretching, or hanging to get the stretchier feeling you get, and also to cement gains made from stretching and hanging.

I'm consistent in spurts, but gains are undeniable!

2007: BPEL 5.5" / MSEG 4.7" / BG 5.5"

2017: BPEL 6.8" / MSEG 5.3" / BG 6"

Your penis can gain erect length.


Thanks Hopeful.

That is actually really reassuring. (Sincere)

I am now planning on doing a routine for 60 days to see if with jelqing and manual stretching and extending I can gain 0.5.

I know it’s a leap.

But I think It might be possible especially with The idea that my stretched length could become erect length.

I checked last night and my stretched length in the device is 7.0 which I was quite surprised about.

So I’m going to make another thread about my challenge and see how it goes lol.

Thank you so much again guys your info is really helpful in this uphill struggle.

Mr whiskers

Current Stats: 6.9BPEL/6.4NBPEL 5.5MEG.

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Let’s Play Resident Evil REmake Part 1.

Current Stats: 6.9BPEL/6.4NBPEL 5.5MEG.

Current Goal: 7BPEL/6.5NBPEL 5.75MEG.

You can’t gain 1.4” wearing the device for 180h. On average, extenders users get 1” EL gains after about 1,000-1,500 h of wearing. If your BPFSL is longer, before or after your EL will be longer too.

There are tons of threads about gains achieved using an extender - penimaster, andropenis, jes-extender : basically they are all the same. You could give a read to those.

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