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Theory Of A Girth Man

Theory Of A Girth Man

Came across an interesting article while I was doing my daily search for new girth enlargement techniques.

“Surgeons in Florida have given a 17-year-old boy what’s being called the “world’s first” penis reduction surgery.

The teen came to doctors complaining of a penis “too large for intercourse,” according to an article in The Journal of Sexual Medicine, published online in November. He was also unable to play sports or even wear most clothing without his phallus showing through the fabric.

The penis was 7 inches long and had a circumference of 10 inches, according to the Daily Mail. That’s about the same size as an average mayonnaise jar, based on measurements taken by HuffPost Weird.”

Pretty intense right? I know there are some would die for girth like that!
After I took a look at the pictures , the swollen penis is some what identical to Porn Stars “Shorty Mac” & “Shane Diesel”

(If you don’t know , these guys are girth legends in the business , and probably some of the most sought after monster penises by men and women.)

“The shape and massive size of the penis was the result of the teen’s sickle cell anemia. Irregular blood cells would block penile blood vessels and lead to swelling and priapism “

So its very possible , a lot of these guys just had a health problem and are making the best of a crap situation , by filming their “Situations”.

With that said , for me this tells me that clamping is the BEST girth exercise for maximum results.

This kid was permanently clamped , and over time his penis grew thicker and thicker. Even though it was involuntary , its a good example of the potential gains we can get.

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Hi TheBoneRanger,

Very interesting post mate thanks for sharing it with us.I would have to agree clamping is the most effective form of Girth work.

A Small Leak Will Always Sink A Great Ship.

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That’s a great point. A testament to the “consistency” preachers. This kid lived it and that’s what happened.

So… You need to live you PE!

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Very interesting! Thanks for posting.

Know Thyself!

Priapism normally leads to complete impotence. In this kid case, the surgery was the best option (my opinion). At his age and this level of priapism, impotence will kick in really quick and wreck his sex life forever.

Great if the doctors fixed already the priapism after the surgery.

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