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Thehaar's progress

Thehaar's progress

Hey folks,

So I started jp’s 90 day routine (to the letter, warm ups and all) over a week and a half ago and wanted to get one feedback on the sensations I’m experiencing as a result.

As for growth, I think I may even have already gone from NBPEL 6.25 x 4.75 to about 6.4 x 4.85.

As I say though I have a few strange sensations. Firstly a slight numb or tingling feeling in the glans, barely perceptible, as well as whilst jelqing last night I felt a very new stretch if you will at the side and base of my penis. It wasn’t painful or even uncomfortable particularly, but it certainly felt like something was going on. A dull ache which was more noticable during a jelq.

Last concern is a little more abstract. My EQ is better when I get to full erection but oddly I think I’m finding them harder to achieve, and I think this may be psychological. I am starting to equate erections and my control of them with exercise and almost feel as though it is diminishing my sex drive, due to the focus no longer simply being about sex for its own sake. I have no shortage of sex in my life, but this new hobby does seem to require the kind of attention and dedication which could allow it to become an obsession, not to mention one which is already linked to a fairly deep-rooted insecurity.

Any thoughts on those points?


I’m not familiar with jp routine, but I think you should ease up your grip when stretching and/or jelqing. Beside that you have classic sympotms of slight overwork, so miss a session or two and things should go better.


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