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the "what doesn't work" thread


Yeah I thought that would be the “study” you meant. With all due respect to remek that thing has/had flaws. We tried to do a better one but the project died from apathy. Mainly because it got too fucking complicated I think.

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I’m glad i found this threadbut, it a bittersweet victory. I have been following the never let it turtle theory for about a year now… I have immediately revamped my routine to reflect this by centering around my warm up.. Any suggestion for reversing the effects of hardening? Or minimizing the damage at least? If not, still thank you for this thread, very very helpful to me.

Originally Posted by cervixhunter
Your intention with starting this thread is good for sure, but you have to know that the best you can expect is the personal opinion of the posters. Which is controversial in each case, of course. Let me start with your statements:
1.Piss Pulls may not work alone, but can be of some help as an addition to a regular workout. If you didn’t get any benefit from it, that doesn’t mean someone other can’t!
2. Skipping warm up. In the PE world, skipping warm up is equivalent to being atheist. I’m afraid of even mentioning this, because of the possible flame-war to follow. Even if us, PE-atheists, usually don’t involve in these “warm-up” threads, we exist and have our gains regardless. In a comparative study of two PE-er groups, one doing warm-up, the other not, the average gains were the same. I know for believers this kind of information enters one ear and leave the other without touching anything in between… :)

The least controversial is UFGator’s 4-point list, but I think most of us agree over it not from experience, but because it sounds right… like a dogma! :)

Yes, this thread will be a compilation of the personal opinion of the posters. Just as the myriad of threads discussing personal success stories, this will consist of personal opinions on what doesn’t work.

The “facts” that you are then implying exist are really based on personal opinions. There has been no true scientific study to prove anything here, so what’s accepted in this community is based on the methods supported by the most people.

This tread will use that same method of acquiring the truth from personal opinions, but from a different angle. Rather than looking at what works for people, let’s look at what doesn’t work for most people.

As far as piss pulls are concerned, in my opinion, they do more harm than good. I have seen no gains from them, and I think the only thing they do is cause the tissue to become stronger, rather than producing growth. We all know about the men that can pull trolleys with their dongs, which is a testament to the ability of tissue to adapt to increased stress. This has been harmful in my experience because now the force thresholds to encourage growth through PE have been raised. I’m almost certain of this. Maybe light piss pulls would be effective to prevent turtling, but intense pulling on your dick without warm up is traumatic to the tissue and encourages adaptation to stress, and not growth. It may be a habit for some people, and it might be preventing their success as it did for me.

Before i forget,

what’s the consensus on “fowfers”?

Has anyone done these consistently enough for a period of time to know if they work or not for them?

Originally Posted by humpty_dumpty

Maybe light piss pulls would be effective to prevent turtling, but intense pulling on your dick without warm up is traumatic to the tissue and encourages adaptation to stress, and not growth.

Exactly what I was thinking about.

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