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The verdict on RED dots

The verdict on RED dots

Whats the general consensus on the danger of getting red dots while jelquing? My main girth exercise is slow jelqs at 80-95% erect for around 20 minutes every other day and I get these dots most every session. Some say they are bad, others say they are harmless. Whats the deal?

Actually red dots are caused by small veins busting. Not much of a deal. Carry heavy things with your shoulder and you will see many red dots. Who cares… . But I dont have them that often and I guess jelqing is still effective if you dont see red dots. So you should take those red dots as a little warning sign. Just try to avoid for some reason. It’s the first injury you may see and it should be the last so dont try to force it. It’s just a border crossed and some more borders and your little fellow has to visit a nurse.

Well they aren’t evil
But you should avoid getting them too much if you can.
However if your just starting out, they can be common, and soon your penis will adapt to the stress your putting it through and you shouldn’t get them.(or very rarely if you do.)

You might want to decrease the intensity of your routine for now and let your penis toughen up a bit before you get as hardcore as you are now.

:flame: "If you build it, they will cum."

Redwood\'s Progress Report/Routines Thread.

RedWood -

I’ve been PE’ing consistently since june, is three months an appropriate adjustment period for the dots to secede? I have only been doing my more intense routine for the past 4 weeks, the first couple of months I adhered to the newbie routine.

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