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The unthinkable happened. I got ED and shrunk.


The unthinkable happened. I got ED and shrunk.

I last posted a few weeks ago saying I didn’t think I gained at all after about 3 months of PE. I was wrong. I found my before photos and actually had gained close to .25” in length. I was doing fast jelqs (300) but after reading that slow jelqs are better, I started doing real slow jelqs with a hard squeeze for the same number of reps (300), thus increasing my work time and intensity. After about a week or so I noticed my night wood and morning wood were getting worse and worse. So to be on the safe side I decided to take a week off.

Now after taking a week off I find my penis has shrunk at least .5 “. Also it turns out I have porn induced ED which I never though could happen to me. I can’t seem to get a full rock hard erection unless I watch porn.. I was edging after every jelq session to porn and now am dependent on porn for real hard ons. I am a horny 24 year old who never had issues with porn ED. I still get semi hard when in public thinking of naughty things. However my full erection has gone to shit thanks to porn overdose and possibly overworking.

I know to lay off porn for a good while and even edging. As for the erection quality getting back to normal from the overworking of penis and edging to porn, I wonder how long it will take before it gets back to normal. Anyone else experience this or have any tips for m?

I also believe that porn is effectin my EQ. I can only get full erect if I’ve smoked weed and then watch porn. I will quit porn this week and next monday I’m clean of porn.

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I have completely quit all porn. I’m probably on week 3 and it makes a huge difference. It’s hard at first but completely worth it. Good luck to both of you!

Originally Posted by Ironhead22
I have completely quit all porn. I’m probably on week 3 and it makes a huge difference. It’s hard at first but completely worth it. Good luck to both of you!

I’ve been only 1 week away from porn and I ended up cheating by watching it to see if I can get a full erection, which I did get. You don’t know you are addicted to it and can’t stop watching it, until you try to stop watching it. I am on a cleanse and will try my best to go a month without it.

So when you’re still able to get full erections, then there is nothing to worry about, just slow down a little ;)

Originally Posted by rghulamg
Now after taking a week off I find my penis has shrunk at least .5 “. ….

Shrunk to 0.5 less than before PE or 0.25 less than pre PE?

Penis measurement can vary, rest length will come back. Also check if your girth increased.

Girth never increased. My penis shrunk .50 with the PE results or in other words .25 from the original (since I had only gained about .25).

However as of today, I have been porn free, haven’t done any PE and have started kegeling the last 5 days, (Even though I am against kegeling as it caused involuntary contractions in the past, I do realize their importance in erection quality) and it looks like my penis is back to its original size. The length gains look like they are gone and my night wood is returning. I ejaculated in my PJ’s the other night while asleep ( I was screwing a woman in my dream and when I came in the dream I came for real).

Gonna extend the break until January since finals are coming up and then I am going on vacation for a couple of weeks then get back to PE and this time I will do it without porn and when I do add intensity or reps I will go up a little at a time rather then jumping up like I did.

Sounds like a good plan. :)

WTF 3 month of PE and 0,25 less than original size.

What is it? A fu cking nightmare?

I started to be really anxsious reading your message.

Why you would continue P/E if the only result you get was a shrunked penis and weak erections?

You are lucky that you didn’t have any permanent injury and now you restore your penis from rest.

Your message made me really scary and unconfident about P/E.

The first days i did P/E i was really excited and even an increase of the erection the last few days i feel really bad i feel with weak erections anxsious.I hope i’ll get good erection the next days and i will continue P/E mor softly for less training.If not i’ll stop PE forever.

EQ is thousand time much important than size.And if you lost also size not just erection is a nightmare…

This post make me think permanent increase would impossible to get.

Probably people are able to get a temporary tremendous expansion like having a trauma.

If you break your leg you have it much bigger and if you continue break it every day it would stay big.

Seems all the people continue to train to train and let them think to reach permanent result until they stop…

Bad new your post :-(

After three years that you are signed here, you started PE few days ago, Robbie?

Also look that what the OP is saying is that porn has caused (temporary) ED and loss of size.

Originally Posted by marinera
After three years that you are signed here, you started PE few days ago, Robbie?

Also look that what the OP is saying is that porn has caused (temporary) ED and loss of size.

The thing is i never started for real with a regular routine just tried pumping in the past with bad EQ results so i stopped.
I jelqed a bit at the end of this summer and i didn’t like.
The only exercise i like a lot is clamping but for the moment really soft with a silicon tight cock ring not with cable clamp.

Porn doesn’t loss your size can produce just ED of course

I haven’t lost any size actually. I went back to my original size and who knows I might have the gains back as I get to my full erection in a week or so. Secondly the cause of my shrinkage and loss of EQ was watching large amount of porn which desensitized my brain, add to that an increase in intensity of jelqs plus an increase in the amount of time per jelq session that I started doing because i got greedy, which beat up my Dick pretty bad.

I’m almost back to my great EQ with some rest so I’m confident doing it again after having made the mistakes and learning from them.

Poor erection quality often results in smaller erect measurements.

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Porn can cause ED. But also vigorous PE can. If you do them togheter you can’t know which is affecting your EQ.

So, like you have said, stop them both. Then re-start with PE and see how it goes. I suggest to re-start the morning after a great night-morning wood: that’s the signal your body has recovered. Then do some months of only PE without porn, just to understand how your body reacts on PE.

Happened to me also, my first stretch exercise in PE. I thought I had ED, but after 3 days I could normally get rock hard erections at random times in the day.. It was all my mind playing tricks on me. PE is an exercise you need to do also to your mind. If your cock can normally get erections, even with porn only, there is nothing biological wrong with you and with a clear mind focused on your objectives they are going to come back in no time. Your shrunk might even be a distortion your eyes caused to you as well. You need to learn how to make your mind work with you, side by side, or else you will always think there is something wrong and have psychological EDs, turtling and bad false PIs of such.

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