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Poor erection quality often results in smaller erect measurements.


—Just want to give an update. Looks like the gains are coming back. Starting to get rock hard erections just looking at photos of girls in skimpy clothes (not naked) and touching my penis lightly. I would not get this rock hard and horny looking at the same types of pics before.

—Morning wood has started to come back, however it is not consistent I do not get it everyday. Same thing with night wood.

—Looks like the gains are also back since I measured with amazing erection (feels amazing cause haven’t had such good EQ in a while).

—The porn detox has worked great so far. I am going to restart my PE soon and lay off of porn for good.

—I have been against kegeling as it caused involuntary contractions for me in the past and I stopped doing them. While I was doing PE for the three months I did not kegel and learned how to relax while edging,, especially close to the PONR which helped me last longer then Kegeling did in the past. HOWEVER I think now that I have learned to relax I am going to continue kegeling for the improved erections and think I can control my involuntary contractions. I also make sure to NEVER do kegels outside of a kegeling session, especially not when I am masterbating as that is what cause the involuntary contractions to start in the past.