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The Tunica

The Tunica


From what I have been able to make out the Tunica stretch is the one that is regarded as being the best for length gain, given time. I have been Ligament stretching for a while now and have acquired an extra half a cm which is a step in the right direction for sure. I currently measure in at 6 inches and half a cm but would like to try and reach 7. The thing is, I am one of these people who needs to see something to understand it. I have looked everywhere to try and find a picture that shows me what the tunica actually is and where on the Pennis it is actually located but I just can’t seem to find one. Does anyone have a picture that they can add to this thread please that will show me, id really appreciate it as it would allow me to do the stretch.

Thank you if you can help, mightaswelltry :-)

The tunica is the sheath that surrounds the erectile chambers of the penis and is the hard surface you feel just under the skin when you have an erection. penis%20anatomy.jpg

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