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The triumph of the first step

The triumph of the first step

Here on thunders there are many users celebrating gains, and many others disappointed for not gaining after some time in PE.

I think the real difference among them is the first step, meaning the first time a measurement proved some gain.
Till then, we are doubtful - can it work? is it working? will I gain?
After that, no matter how long it’s gonna take, we push on - we know it’s all true, we know it’s working, and we celebrate thinking of the amazing goals we can reach.

In my opinion that is the most memorable and important moment of PE; just knowing that we can achieve what we’re looking for, and we don’t need proofs anymore, no space for doubts.

So, why don’t you tell us of that moment?

Great post.

Goal: done, in peace with what I have

Less is more.

Yeah, good idea for a thread.

For me, this moment was when my erections started to go back again, since I had a begging ED. So more than gains in size (since I never had big doubts that a way to make the penis bigger had to exists), is the improvement in my sexual efficiency that made me happy.

I thought about this when a few days ago I realized I could actually be a little longer than I used to be.
In spite of my doing PE mostly for EQ, I cannot deny some happiness.

Strangely, I really began thinking about having a bigger penis only then.
I believed it was possible, but I’ve always been just too poorly motivated to be consistent about PE.
Now that I’m a little bigger, I think about becoming a lot bigger - and it seems easier to be consistent.

There starts the road to greediness. :D

Prior to discovering PE techniques, I would squeeze my cock at the base and notice the ballooning effect and wonder, “why can my girth not equal this size when erect?” I mean, I was always thinking about this excess capacity that my erections were not achieving…..than I happened on to jelq techniques and realize that capacity.


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