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The thin line in PE

The thin line in PE

Guys how can be possible a man PEing for 1 one month and get results, and other 1 one year and no results with the same routine?? What is wrong with the guy that is PEing for one year?? I mean is very relative gains on PE!

There are many possible reasons for not getting results and the 2 most obvious come from opposite ends of the spectrum.

The first reason would be guys that are very cautious and don’t do enough to stimulate growth and often don’t devote enough time to the process or take too many rest days.

The second reason are guys that are not cautious at all and go way overboard using too much force and too much time with not enough rest. This results in excessive trauma which also results in no growth.

Of course, there are other reasons, but the trick is to find the proper balance point for yourself where you stimulate growth without causing too much damage. It is a learning process that you have to discover for yourself.

Once you find the routine that works for you, one of the hardest things to do is avoiding the trap that if this routine is working this well, then twice this routine will work twice as well and that just doesn’t work.

I don’t think that look like bodybuilding slack! I never see a guy that gain 8 KG of muscle in 3 weeks and other train for over a year and don’t hit the same, I guess the most troubling thing in bodybuilding it’s the laziness!

I think the techniques are more difficult to know if you are applying them with the right force and consistency than it is for body building. Body building you do 12 curls with 25lb dumb bells and it’s very difficult to do them so ‘wrong’ you get no gains. PE exercises however are more subtle and someone could jelq with too little pressure for weeks or months and not get much benefit. Same goes with stretching. In martial arts I worked out with people who stretched the same time as me but never got better at it because they never really pushed themselves. Others improved very, very fast. Stretching in martial arts I think is somewhat similar because ligaments and tendons need to be lengthened over weeks, months and years. I saw people with almost no progress and people making dramatic fast progress. All had to do with just how much they could stretch without injury.

Tringtobebig, that’s true man when I was at taekwondo, I could stretch up where I want, but I used to train a lot, even at my home, now I am in boxing, and I stretch 50% from what I could!

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